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(Dr. John R Gribbin)
UK flag (b.1946)

Dr. John Gribbin is a visiting faculty member in Astronomy at the University of Sussex in England and an award-winning author of many popular science books. His research interests include determining the age of the Universe and the search for life in space. He has worked on broadcasts for BBC Radio, and has been a consultant on several scientific TV programs. His books include The Birth of Time, an account relating how astronomers measure the age of the Universe, and Stardust, about the relationship between life on Earth and supernovas.
   The Sixth Winter (1979) (with Douglas Orgill)
   Brother Esau (1982) (with Douglas Orgill)
   Double Planet (1988) (with Marcus Chown)
   Father to the Man (1989)
   Reunion (1991) (with Marcus Chown)
   Ragnarok (1991) (with D G Compton)
   Innervisions (1993)
   Timeswitch (2009)
   Existence is Elsewhen (2016) (with J.A. Christy, Peter R Ellis, Steve Harrison, Edwin Hayward, Rhys Hughes, Stefan Jackson, Andy McKell, Siobhan McVeigh, Robin Moran, Ira Nayman, Christopher G Nuttall, Susan Oke, Sanem Ozdural, Tanya Reimer, Chloe Skye, Douglas Thompson, Tej Turner, Dave Weaver and Peter Wolfe)
   Don't Look Back (2017)
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Double Planet [short story] (1984)
Perpendicular Worlds (1984)
The Doomsday Device (1985)
Programmed for Destruction (1985)
The Reversing Universe (1989)