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James Hadley Chase

(René Brabazon Raymond)
UK flag (1906 - 1985)

aka James L Dochery, Ambrose Grant, Raymond Marshall, René Raymond

James Hadley Chase was born in London and initially worked as a book wholesaler. He was heavily influenced by American crime and gangster writers and his own books fall within that genre, with many of them based in the U.S. Chase developed a number of series characters, with several books dedicated to each and all are fast moving tales of murder, intrigue, blackmail and espionage. Characters include ex commando Brick-Top Corrigan, Californian private eye Vic Malloy, former C.I.A. agent Mark Girland, and millionaire Don Miclem. Hailed as " the thriller maestro of the generation ", Chase died in 1985.

Genres: Mystery
The Dead Stay Dumb (1939)
     aka Kiss My Fist!
He Won't Need It Now (1939) (as by James L Dochery)
Lady, Here's Your Wreath (1940) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Get a Load of This (1941)
Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief (1941)
Just the Way It Is (1944) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Miss Shumway Waves a Wand (1944)
Eve (1945)
Blonde's Requiem (1946) (as by Raymond Marshall)
I'll Get You for This (1946)
Make the Corpse Walk (1946) (as by Raymond Marshall)
More Deadly Than the Male (1946) (as by Ambrose Grant)
No Business of Mine (1947) (as by Raymond Marshall)
The Flesh of the Orchid (1948)
Trusted Like the Fox (1948) (as by Raymond Marshall)
The Paw in the Bottle (1949) (as by Raymond Marshall)
You Never Know with Women (1949)
Mallory (1950) (as by Raymond Marshall)
But a Short Time to Live (1951) (as by Raymond Marshall)
In a Vain Shadow (1951) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Strictly for Cash (1951)
Why Pick On Me? (1951) (as by Raymond Marshall)
The Fast Buck (1952)
The Wary Transgressor (1952) (as by Raymond Marshall)
I'll Bury My Dead (1953)
The Things Men Do (1953) (as by Raymond Marshall)
This Way for a Shroud (1953)
Mission to Venice (1954) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Safer Dead (1954)
     aka Dead Ringer
The Sucker Punch (1954) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Tiger By the Tail (1954)
Mission to Siena (1955) (as by Raymond Marshall)
The Pickup (1955) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Ruthless (1955) (as by Raymond Marshall)
You've Got It Coming (1955)
You Find Him, I'll Fix Him (1956) (as by Raymond Marshall)
The Guilty Are Afraid (1957)
Never Trust a Woman (1957) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Hit and Run (1958) (as by Raymond Marshall)
Not Safe to Be Free (1958)
     aka The Case of the Strangled Starlet
The World in My Pocket (1959)
Come Easy, Go Easy (1960)
What's Better Than Money? (1960)
Just Another Sucker (1961)
A Lotus for Miss Quon (1961)
A Coffin from Hong Kong (1962)
I Would Rather Stay Poor (1962)
One Bright Summer Morning (1963)
Cade (1966)
The Vulture Is a Patient Bird (1969)
Like a Hole in the Head (1970)
Want to Stay Alive? (1971)
Just a Matter of Time (1972)
You're Dead Without Money (1972)
Have a Change of Scene (1973)
Knock, Knock! Who's There? (1973)
Three of Spades (1974)
So What Happens to Me? (1974)
Goldfish Have No Hiding Place (1974)
So Soon To Die (1975)
Believe This, You'll Believe Anything (1975)
Do Me a Favour, Drop Dead (1976)
Meet Mark Girland (1977)
My Laugh Comes Last (1977)
Consider Yourself Dead (1978)
You Must Be Kidding (1979)
A Can of Worms (1979)
You Can Say That Again (1980)
Try This One for Size (1980)
Hand Me a Fig Leaf (1981)
Have a Nice Night (1982)
We'll Share a Double Funeral (1982)
Not My Thing (1983)
Hit Them Where It Hurts (1984)
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Anthologies edited
Slipstream (1946) (as by René Raymond)
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Short stories
The Mirror in Room 22 (1946)