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Harry Carmichael

(Leopold Horace Ognall)
UK flag (1908 - 1979)

aka Hartley Howard

Hartley Howard (19081979) was the pen name of Leopold Horace Ognall, a British crime novelist. Ognall was born in Montreal and worked as a journalist before starting his fiction career. He wrote over ninety novels before his death in 1979. As Harry Carmichael, Ognall's primary series characters were John Piper (an insurance assessor) and "Quinn," a crime reporter.

Ognall's son Harry became a high court judge and conducted the hearings regarding former Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet.

Ognall created the pseudonym "Harry Carmichael" as an amalgam of the names of his immediate family: His son Harry, his wife Cecilia, his daughter Margaret, and his son Michael.

Genres: Mystery
Glenn Bowman (as by Hartley Howard)
   No Target for Bowman (1950)
   The Last Appointment (1951)
   The Last Deception (1951)
   Death of Cecilia (1952)
   The Last Vanity (1952)
   Bowman Strikes Again (1953)
   The Other Side of the Door (1953)
   Bowman At a Venture (1954)
   Bowman On Broadway (1954)
   Sleep for the Wicked (1955)
   A Hearse for Cinderella (1956)
   The Bowman Touch (1956)
   Key to the Morgue (1957)
   The Long Night (1957)
   Sleep, My Pretty One (1958)
   The Big Snatch (1958)
   Deadline (1959)
   The Armitage Secret (1959)
   Extortion (1960)
   Fall Guy (1960)
   I'm No Hero (1961)
   Time Bomb (1961)
   Count Down (1962)
   Portrait of a Beautiful Harlot (1966)
   Routine Investigation (1967)
   The Secret of Simon Cornell (1969)
   Cry On My Shoulder (1970)
   Room 37 (1970)
   Million Dollar Snapshot (1971)
   Murder One (1971)
   Epitaph for Joanna (1972)
   Nice Day for a Funeral (1972)
   Highway to Murder (1973)
   Dead Drunk (1974)
   Treble Cross (1975)
   Payoff (1976)
   One-way Ticket (1978)
   The Sealed Envelope (1979)
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John Piper
   Deadly Night Cap (1950)
   Death Leaves A Diary (1952)
   The Vanishing Trick (1952)
   School for Murder (1953)
   Death Counts Three (1954)
     aka The Screaming Rabbit
   Why Kill Johnny? (1954)
   Money for Murder (1955)
   Noose for a Lady (1955)
   Justice Enough (1956)
   The Dead of Night (1956)
   Emergency Exit (1957)
   Put Out That Star (1957)
     aka Into Thin Air
   ... Or Be He Dead (1958)
   James Knowland: Deceased (1958)
   Stranglehold (1959)
     aka Marked Man
   The Seeds Of Hate (1959)
   Requiem for Charles (1960)
     aka The Late Unlamented
   Alibi (1961)
   Of Unsound Mind (1962)
   The Link (1962)
   Flashback (1963)
   Vendetta (1963)
   Safe Secret (1964)
   Post Mortem (1965)
   Suicide Clause (1966)
   Murder By Proxy (1967)
   Death Trap (1970)
   Remote Control (1970)
   Most Deadly Hate (1971)
   The Quiet Woman (1971)
   Naked to the Grave (1972)
   Too Late for Tears (1973)
   Candles for the Dead (1973)
   The Motive (1974)
   False Evidence (1976)
   A Grave for Two (1977)
   Life Cycle (1978)
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Philip Scott (as by Hartley Howard)
   Assignment K (1964)
   The Eye of the Hurricane (1968)
   A Question of Time (1958)
   Confession (1961)
   Double Finesse (1962) (as by Hartley Howard)
   The Stretton Case (1963) (as by Hartley Howard)
   Out of the Fire (1965) (as by Hartley Howard)
   Counterfeit (1966) (as by Hartley Howard)
   The Condemned (1967)
   A Slightly Bitter Taste (1968)
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