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Tessa Gratton was born in Okinawa, Japan and traveled around because her dad was in the US Navy. She graduated from University of Kansas in 2003 with a degree in Gender Studies.

Despite having traveled all over the world, she settled in Kansas where the sunsets are all in Technicolor, with her partner, two cats, and a mutant mutt named Grendel.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Fantasy
   Tremontaine: The Complete Season 4 (2018) (with Liz Duffy Adams, Joel Derfner, Ellen Kushner, Karen Lord, Racheline Maltese and Delia Sherman)
   Naughty Brits (2020) (with Louisa Edwards, Sophie Jordan, Sarah MacLean and Sierra Simone)
Series contributed to
Tremontaine Season Two
   Tremontaine: The Complete Season 2 (omnibus) (2017) (with Joel Derfner, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Ellen Kushner, Racheline Maltese, Mary Anne Mohanraj and Paul Witcover)
Tremontaine Season 3
   1. Ambition (2017) (with Liz Duffy Adams, Joel Derfner, Ellen Kushner, Karen Lord and Paul Witcover)
   Tremontaine: The Complete Season 3 (omnibus) (2018) (with Joel Derfner, Ellen Kushner, Racheline Maltese, Mary Anne Mohanraj and Paul Witcover)
Tessa Gratton recommends
The Star-Touched Queen (2016)
(Star-Touched Queen, book 1)
Roshani Chokshi
"A luscious, bloodthirsty fairy tale with all the romance, magic, and gorgeous mythology I could ask for."
And I Darken (2016)
(Conquerors Saga, book 1)
Kiersten White
"An intense, risky, passionate novel that dragged me through love and danger with the force of its heroine’s heart and the power of its hero’s faith."
The Merciful Crow (2019)
(Merciful Crow, book 1)
Margaret Owen
"The Merciful Crow is an intense, romantic adventure with unforgettable magic and a ferocious heroine I'd gladly follow down a long, dark road."
Crownchasers (2020)
(Crownchasers, book 1)
Rebecca Coffindaffer
"Crownchasers is a sharp, smart, and exhilarating space adventure, filled with intrigue and romance, unique tech and all the cool alien worlds you could wish for!"
These Violent Delights (2020)
(Violent Ends, book 1)
Chloe Gong
"Heady, smart, and vicious, These Violent Delights strikes every note with precision, layering romance and politics into a roaring 20s Shanghai of both monsters and monstrous imperialism."

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