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John M Green

Australia (b.1953)

When it dawned on John that what got him up in the morning was writing, not his day job, he quit the job. That was after 30 years in executive life. He was then an executive director in a leading investment bank. Earlier, hed been a partner in 2 major law firms, and a director of a publishing house. ABC Radio says John's thriller-writing has "the sophistication of John le Carré and the pace of Jeffrey Archer."

His novels are: Nowhere Man, a financial thriller with a futuristic twist.
Born to Run, a political thriller about a US presidential election that gets derailed by murder, terror & treason.
The Trusted, an eco-cyber-thriller: When saving the planet means destroying it!

John's also a well-known business writer and commentator. His pieces have appeared in a variety of Australian and overseas publications including: ABC Drum Online, Company Director, Business Spectator, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Age, The Bulletin, and the UKs Financial Times.

As well as writing, John's on the governing council of the National Library of Australia, is a board member of two stock-exchange-listed corporations and not-for-profits, as well as a co-founder of Pantera Press. He lives in Sydney with his wife, a sculptor.

Genres: Thriller
Tori Swyft
   1. The Trusted (2016)
   2. The Tao Deception (2016)
   Nowhere Man (2010)
   Born to Run (2011)
   Double Deal (2021)
   Framed (2022)

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