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Marion Lennox's picture

Marion Lennox

Australia (1953 - )

aka Trisha David

Marion Lennox is a popular writer of over 60 medical romance novels. She began publishing in 1990. She has also written "tender" romantic novels under another pseudonym, Trisha David.


Dare to Love Again (1990)
Cruel Country (1990)
Doctor Transformed (1991)
A Bitter Judgement (1991)
Wings of Healing (1992)
The Healing Heart (1992)
The Last Eden (1993)
A Loving Legacy (1993)
Legacy of Shadows (1993)
One Caring Heart (1994)
Storm Haven (1994)
Practice Makes Marriage (1995)
Doctor's Honour (1995)
Bush Doctor's Bride (1996)
Bridal Remedy (1996)
Promise of a Miracle (1997)
Hijacked Honeymoon (1998)
Tom Bradley's Babies (2000)
A Forever Family (2000)
Bushfire Bride (2000)
Doctor on Loan (2001)
Emergency Wedding (2001)
A Royal Proposition (2002)
Dr. Blake's Angel (2002)
Stormbound Surgeon (2003)
To the Doctor, a Daughter (2003)
In Dr Darling's Care (2004)
The Doctor's Special Touch (2005)
Rescued by a Millionaire (2005)
Bride by Accident (2005)
Rescue at Cradle Lake (2006)
The Surgeon's Family Miracle (2006)
The Prince's Outback Bride (2007)
His Miracle Bride (2007)
Their Lost & Found Family (2007)
His Island Bride (2008)
A Special Kind of Family (2009)
City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle (2010)
Dating the Millionaire Doctor (2010)
Christmas with Her Boss (2010)
Dynamite Doc or Christmas Dad? (2011)
The Doctor & the Runaway Heiress (2011)
Her Outback Rescuer (2012)
A Bride for the Maverick Millionaire (2013)
The Surgeon's Doorstep Baby (2013)
Sparks Fly with the Billionaire (2013)
Christmas at the Castle (2013)
Waves of Temptation (2014)
Nine Months to Change His Life (2014)
A Secret Shared... (2014)
Christmas Where They Belong (2014)
The Earl's Convenient Wife (2015)
From Christmas to Forever? (2015)
His Cinderella Heiress (2016)
Stepping into the Prince's World (2016)
Falling for Her Wounded Hero (2016)
Stranded with the Secret Billionaire (2017)
Reunited with Her Surgeon Prince (2017)
The Billionaire's Christmas Baby (2017)


Mistletoe Miracles (2000) (with Catherine George and Betty Neels)
Prescription Pregnancy (2001) (with Caroline Anderson and Josie Metcalfe)
Doctors Down Under (2002) (with Alison Roberts and Meredith Webber)
Australian Playboys (2003) (with Helen Bianchin and Margaret Way)
Australian Tycoons (2004) (with Emma Darcy and Margaret Way)
Bride at Birralee / Stormbound Surgeon (2004) (with Barbara Hannay)
Dr Blake's Angel / To the Doctor - A Daughter (2004)
Shadowing Shahna / Millionaire for Molly (2004) (with Laurey Bright)
Christmas Deliveries (2004) (with Caroline Anderson and Sarah Morgan)
Red Thunder Reckoning / The Last-Minute Marriage (2005) (with Sylvie Kurtz)
Her Royal Baby / Passion Price (2005) (with Miranda Lee)
Her Nine Month Miracle (2005) (with Barbara Hannay and Cathy Williams)
Precious Gifts (2005) (with Kate Hardy and Josie Metcalfe)
Royal Proposals (2006) (with Robyn Donald and Barbara McMahon)
Twins Come Too! (2006) (with Jessica Hart and Sara Wood)
Christmas Proposals (2006) (with Carole Mortimer and Rebecca Winters)
Australian Heroes (2007) (with Fiona McArthur and Margaret Way)
Bringing up Baby (2007) (with Liz Fielding and Jessica Hart)
Wedding Bells (2007) (with Susan Fox and Leigh Michaels)
Mothers Wanted (2008) (with Jessica Hart and Sandra Marton)
Island Heat / Outback Man Seeks Wife / Prince's Forbidden Virgin / One Night Before Marriage / Their Lost-and-found Family / Single Dad's Marriage Wish (2008) (with Robyn Donald, Carol Marinelli, Sarah Mayberry, Anne Oliver and Margaret Way)
Betrothed: To the People's Prince / His Housekeeper Bride (2009) (with Melissa James)
One-Click Buy: September 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009) (with Abby Green, Miranda Lee, Jennie Lucas, Melanie Milburne and Carole Mortimer)
Claimed: Secret Royal Son / Expecting Miracle Twins (2009) (with Barbara Hannay)
Crowned: The Palace Nanny / Jingle-Bell Baby (2009) (with Linda Goodnight)
Her Christmas Hero (2009) (with Tina Leonard and Anne Stuart)
City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle / Bachelor Dad, Girl Next Door (2010) (with Sharon Archer)
Cinderella: Hired by the Prince / The Sheikh's Destiny: Cinderella (2010) (with Melissa James)
Cinderella: Hired by the Prince / Sheikh's Destiny (2010) (with Melissa James)
Nikki and the Lone Wolf / Mardie and the City Surgeon (2011)
Sydney Harbour Hospital (2012) (with Alison Roberts)
Her Outback Rescuer / Mr Right, Next Door (2012) (with Barbara Wallace)
Christmas Promises (2012) (with Lynne Graham and Carole Mortimer)
Single Dad's Christmas Wish / Taming the Brooding Cattleman (2012) (with Patricia Thayer)
The Surgeon's Doorstep Baby / Dare She Dream of Forever (2013) (with Lucy Clark)
A Bride for the Maverick Millionaire / The Billionaire's Fair Lady (2013) (with Barbara Wallace)
Australia Collection (2013) (with Amy Andrews, Helen Bianchin, Anna Cleary, Jan Colley, Lilian Darcy, Robyn Grady, Barbara Hannay, Nicola Marsh, Leah Martyn, Trish Morey, Alison Roberts, Margaret Way and Meredith Webber)
A Daddy for Her Sons / Sparks Fly with the Billionaire (2013) (with Raye Morgan)
Miracle on Kaimotu Island / Always the Hero (2013) (with Alison Roberts)
Christmas at the Castle / Holiday Royale (2013) (with Christine Rimmer)
Harlequin Romance December 2013 Bundle (2013) (with Caroline Anderson, Cara Colter and Barbara Hannay)
Marrying His Majesty (2013)
The Taste of Romance Collection (2014) (with Natalie Charles, Maureen Child, Cynthia Cooke, Mira Lyn Kelly, Soraya Lane, Jennie Lucas, Christine Merrill, Cassie Miles and Kira Sinclair)
Waves of Temptation / Risk of a Lifetime (2014) (with Caroline Anderson)
NYC Angels & Gold Coast Angels Collection (2014) (with Amy Andrews, Tina Beckett, Susan Carlisle, Laura Iding, Fiona Lowe, Janice Lynn, Fiona McArthur, Wendy S Marcus, Carol Marinelli, Lynne Marshall and Alison Roberts)
Harlequin Romance June 2014 Bundle (2014) (with Jessica Gilmore, Fiona Harper and Rebecca Winters)
Nine Months to Change His Life / the Single Dad's Second Chance (2014) (with Brenda Harlen)
Mills & Boon Showcase (2014) (with Sarah M Anderson, Jillian Burns, Annie Burrows, Carol Marinelli, Cassie Miles, Anne Oliver, Marilyn Pappano, Alison Roberts and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom)
Harlequin Romance December 2014 Box Set (2014) (with Cara Colter, Michelle Douglas and Kandy Shepherd)
The Australian's Desire (2015) (with Lilian Darcy)
By Request Collection (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Helen Brooks, Aimee Carson, Maureen Child, Maggie Cox, Lilian Darcy, Christina Hollis, Kimberly Lang, Day Leclaire, Sarah Mayberry, Melanie Milburne, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Power, Heidi Rice and Kate Walker)
By Request Collection Part 1 (2015) (with Helen Brooks, Aimee Carson, Maggie Cox, Lilian Darcy, Christina Hollis, Kimberly Lang, Day Leclaire and Heidi Rice)
The Australian's Bride (2015) (with Alison Roberts and Meredith Webber)
By Request Collection Part 3 (2015) (with Maya Banks, Jackie Braun, Cara Colter, Robyn Donald, Barbara Hannay, Christina Hollis, Alison Roberts, Meredith Webber and Annie West)
Mother's Day Treats (2015) (with Louise Allen, Leanne Banks, Lynne Graham, Carole Mortimer, Joan Elliott Pickart, Michelle Reid and Linda Turner)
Just One Night? / Meant-To-Be Family (2015) (with Carol Marinelli)
In the Royal's Bed (2015)
Wedding Vows: Say I Do (2015) (with Jennie Adams and Rebecca Winters)
The Earl's Convenient Wife / How to Marry a Doctor (2015) (with Nancy Robards Thompson)
In Bed With her Ex (2015) (with Lucy Gordon and Nina Harrington)
Harlequin Romance July 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Liz Fielding, Susan Meier and Rebecca Winters)
From Christmas to Forever? / A Mummy to Make Christmas (2015) (with Susanne Hampton)
Harlequin Medical Romance December 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Tina Beckett and Jennifer Taylor)
The Best Of The Year (2016) (with Karin Baine, Tina Beckett, Amalie Berlin, Maya Blake, Caitlin Crews, Louisa George, Robin Gianna, Lynne Graham, Abby Green, Susanne Hampton, Sharon Kendrick, Fiona Lowe, Carol Marinelli, Melanie Milburne, Michelle Smart, Susan Stephens, Jennifer Taylor, Kate Walker, Annie West, Cathy Williams, Scarlet Wilson and Maisey Yates)
The Best Of The Year - Medical Romance (2016) (with Karin Baine, Tina Beckett, Amalie Berlin, Louisa George, Robin Gianna, Fiona Lowe, Carol Marinelli, Melanie Milburne and Jennifer Taylor)
If The Ring Fits... (2016) (with Jennie Adams and Kate Hardy)
Saving Maddie's Baby / A Sheikh to Capture Her Heart (2016) (with Meredith Webber)
The Fling That Changed Everything / A Child to Open Their Hearts (2016) (with Alison Roberts)
Harlequin Medical Romance March 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2016) (with Sue MacKay and Carol Marinelli)
Harlequin Medical Romance April 2016 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2016) (with Emily Forbes and Lucy Ryder)
Just Say Yes (2016) (with Mira Lyn Kelly and Ann Major)
One Summer At The Island (2016) (with Lynn Raye Harris and Christine Rimmer)
His Cinderella Heiress / Marriage, Maverick Style! (2016) (with Christine Rimmer)
One Summer Collection (2016) (with Jules Bennett, Susan Carlisle, Lynn Raye Harris, Penny Jordan, Kim Lawrence, Michelle Major, Anne Mather, Christine Rimmer and Rebecca Winters)
Harlequin Romance July 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Bella Bucannon, Susan Meier and Kandy Shepherd)
Stepping Into The Prince's World / A Maverick and a Half (2016) (with Marie Ferrarella)
Harlequin Romance September 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Leah Ashton, Teresa Carpenter and Jessica Gilmore)
Falling for Her Wounded Hero / The Surgeon's Baby Surprise (2016) (with Charlotte Hawkes)
Harlequin Medical Romance January 2017 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2017) (with Annie Claydon and Leah Martyn)
Medical Romance January 2017 Books 1 -6 (2017) (with Annie Claydon, Charlotte Hawkes, Leah Martyn, Annie O'Neil and Amy Ruttan)
The Package Deal (2017) (with Jennifer Greene and Brenda Harlen)
Stranded with the Secret Billionaire / The Princess Problem (2017) (with Teri Wilson)
Harlequin Romance April 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Michelle Douglas, Barbara Hannay and Nina Singh)
Forbidden Desires (2017) (with Lindsay Armstrong and Dani Collins)
Harlequin Medical Romance October 2017 Box Set 2 of 2 (2017) (with Lucy Clark and Sue MacKay)
Her Highland Boss (2017) (with Jessica Gilmore and Annie O'Neil)
Harlequin Romance December 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Kate Hardy, Nina Singh and Rebecca Winters)
Series contributed to
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (2004) : Her Royal Baby
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (2006) : Princess of Convenience

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