Miranda Grant

Miranda Grant is not a serial killer. As an author of fantasy and paranormal romance, she just needs to know some things, like how many dead babies can fit in a bathtub (34, 52.5 if blended), where the best place to bite someone in the neck is (base of neck so you hit the common carotid artery - higher up and it splits into two (inner and exterior)), how to get away with murder (it’s really hard to tell the difference between a drowning accident and a drowning murder), etc.This non-serial killer lady lives with her partner, who often drags her outside, claiming ‘sunlight is necessary’ and ‘social interactions are a good thing’. Given her questionable search history, she goes along with it, thinking it’ll be better to have less ‘aloof serial killer vibes’ should the police ever knock on her door…

Genres: Paranormal Romance

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