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Niall Griffiths

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Back in 2000 a passionate, poetic and obscene new literary voice came howling out of West Wales. Those vital utterances belonged to Niall Griffiths. In Grits, his debut novel, he mixed an unholy cocktail of heroin and geology. His blood-soaked follow-up Sheepshagger gave Welsh literature its first genuine cult anti-hero - Ianto.

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Niall Griffiths recommends
Shawnie (2006)
Ed Trewavas
"Brave and disturbing."
Electricity (2006)
Ray Robinson
"Electricity is an extraordinary feat of linguistic ventriloquism; touching, beautiful, and compelling. I'll never forget it."
Mammals (2006)
Pierre Mérot
"Bitter and hilarious, with a razor-sharp sense of the absurd."
Hound Dog (2006)
Richard Blandford
"Blandford does for fat, middle-aged, coke-addicted, sex-deviant Elvis imprersonators what Peter Guralnick has done for the man himself."
City of Bohane (2011)
Kevin Barry
"City of Bohane testifies to, and beautifully illustrates, the mad glory of the human imagination. It should be met with parties and parades and pyrotechnics."

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