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R.W.W. Greene is a New Hampshire USA writer with an MA in Fine Arts, which he exorcises in dive bars and coffee shops. He is a frequent panelist at the Boskone Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Boston, and his work has been in Stupefying Stories, Daily Science Fiction, New Myths, and Jersey Devil Press, among others. Greene is a past board member of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project. He keeps bees, collects typewriters, and lives with writer/artist spouse Brenda and two cats.

Genres: Science Fiction
   Anthology Askew Volume 005: Fantastically Askew (2018) (with Michael Arnesson, Rhetoric Askew, Adriaan Brae, Steven Corr, Alyssa Cunningham, Rob Easton, Sandi Hoover, Eric Martell, Stacy Overby, Asher Reherman, Chris Rodriguez, Jim Tritten, Wim Verveen and Patricia Walkow)
R W W Greene recommends
The Aleph Extraction (2020)
(Intergalactic Cold War, book 2)
Dan Moren
"Moren ably plays with trope and archetype to bring new life and new dimensions to the tried-and-true Heist Plot, but the best action is found around the kitchen table and other quiet places where the characters come together. Major Simon Kovalic and his covert-ops team of misfits come together at their broken places, and their bond is stronger and more realistic for it."
Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire (2020)
Dan Hanks
"Author Dan Hanks sets his war-weary protagonist on a pulp-paced adventure--cunning traps, ancient maps, and brutal scraps... semi-retired Nazis, aggressive corpses, and family drama. It's a giddy, white-knuckled ride to the very end."
The Phlebotomist (2020)
Chris Panatier
"Exciting and genre-challenging debut."
The Rush's Edge (2020)
Ginger Smith
"Smith's debut is rich in detail, full of tension, and packed with characters you won't easily forget."

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