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Valerie Martin

USA flag (b.1948)

Valerie Martin is the author of two collections of short fiction and six novels, including Italian Fever, The Great Divorce, and Mary Reilly. She lived in Italy for three years and now resides in upstate New York.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Children's Fiction
New and upcoming books
February 2024

Mrs. Gulliver
Anton and Cecil (with Lisa Martin)
   1. Cats at Sea (2013)
   2. Cats on Track (2015)
   3. Cats Aloft (2016)
   Set in Motion (1978)
   Alexandra (1979)
   A Recent Martyr (1987)
   Mary Reilly (1990)
   The Great Divorce (1994)
   Italian Fever (1999)
   Property (2003)
   Trespass (2007)
   The Confessions of Edward Day (2009)
   The Ghost of the Mary Celeste (2014)
   I Give It to You (2020)
   Mrs. Gulliver (2024)
   Love (1976)
   The Consolation of Nature (1988)
   The Unfinished Novel and Other Stories (2006)
   Sea Lovers (2015)
Non fiction
   Salvation (2001)
Valerie Martin recommends
The Road Towards Home (2023)
Corinne Demas
"When Noah (saved the world with a boat) meets Cassandra (sees the future way too clearly) at the aptly named Clarion retirement home, they are both seriously not getting with the program. Though barely acquainted, they agree to escape together. As they break free from the planned trajectory and plunge into the uncharted territory of each other, you'll be rooting for the oldsters all the way. The Road Towards Home is a wonderful novel - engaging, wry, and genuinely touching."
The Daughter of Doctor Moreau (2022)
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"With intelligence, energy, and unexpected tenderness, Silvia Moreno-Garcia takes on Wells' classic tale of scientific hubris. Carlota, the mad Doctor Moreau's only child, is a creation more original than anything her father's cruel experiments could ever conjure. At once playful and deadly serious, The Daughter of Doctor Moreau is an irresistible and thoroughly satisfying novel."
Look at Us (2021)
T L Toma
"Look at Us is a scrupulous dissection of a contemporary marriage in mortal peril. It's also a wild ride of a novel, gorgeously written, by turns comic, lyrical, elegiac, disturbing, and profound. I couldn't put it down until the startling conclusion."

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