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Robert Graves

(Robert Ranke Graves)
Wales (1895 - 1985)

aka John Doyle, Barbara Rich

British author Robert Graves is known by many for his series of richly-detailed, compelling novels of ancient Rome, beginning with I, Claudius. Graves also fought for Great Britain in the First World War, and became one of the finest poets to emerge from that conflict. Robert Graves always considered himself a poet first, but unable to support his family through poetry alone, he wrote novels, works of criticism and nonfiction, and taught at Oxford in the 1960s, becoming a lecturer at age 66.

Genres: Historical
   1. I, Claudius (1934)
   2. Claudius the God (1934)
Sergeant Lamb
   1. Sergeant Lamb of the Ninth (1940)

     aka Sergeant Lamb's America

   2. Proceed, Sergeant Lamb (1941)
   No Decency Left (1932) (as by Barbara Rich)
   Antigua, Penny, Puce (1936)
   Count Belisarius (1938)
   Wife to Mr. Milton (1943)
   The Golden Fleece (1944)
     aka Hercules My Shipmate
   King Jesus (1946)
   The Isles of Unwisdom (1949)
   Seven Days in New Crete (1949)
     aka Watch the Northwind Rise
   Homer's Daughter (1955)
   They Hanged My Saintly Billy (1957)
   Greek Gods and Heroes (1960)
   Selected Poetry and Prose (1961)
   The Siege and Fall of Troy (1962)
   Two Wise Children (1967)
   Laius, Iocaste and Oedipus (1972)
   An Ancient Castle (1980)
   Mrs. Fisher, or the Future of Humour (1982)
   Eleven songs (1983)
   Cobalt 60 (1986)
   So! You Want to Get Married? (1994)
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   Goliath and David (poems) (1916)
   Over the Brazier (poems) (1916)
   Fairies and Fusiliers (poems) (1917)
   Country Sentiment (poems) (1920)
   Treasure Box (poems) (1920)
   The Pier-Glass (poems) (1921)
   The Feather Bed (poems) (1923)
   Whipperginny (poems) (1923)
   Mock Beggar Hall (poems) (1924)
   The Marmosite's Miscellany (poems) (1925) (as by John Doyle)
   Welchmans Hose (poems) (1925)
   Poems 1914-1926 (poems) (1927)
   Poems 1929 (poems) (1929)
   The Shout (1929)
   Ten Poems More (poems) (1930)
   To Whom Else? (poems) (1931)
   No More Ghosts (poems) (1940)
   Poems and Satires, 1951 (poems) (1951)
   Poems, 1953 (poems) (1953)
   Catacrok! (1956)
   English and Scottish Ballads (poems) (1957)
   Poems; selected by himself (Penguin Poets-no.D39) (poems) (1957)
   Collected poems,1959 (poems) (1959)
   The Penny Fiddle (poems) (1960)
   Poems Selected By Himself (poems) (1961)
   The More Deserving Cases (poems) (1962)
   New Poems, 1962 (poems) (1962)
   Ann At Highwood Hall (poems) (1964)
   Man Does, Woman is (poems) (1964)
   Collected Poems, 1965 (poems) (1965)
   Collected Short Stories (1965)
   Love Respelt (poems) (1965)
   Seventeen poems missing from 'Love respelt' (poems) (1966)
   Sixteen poems (poems) (1967)
   Poems 1965-1968 (poems) (1968)
   Selected Poems (poems) (1968)
   Beyond Giving (poems) (1969)
   Crane Bag and Other Disputed Subjects (1969)
   Poems About Love (poems) (1969)
   Poems, 1968-70 (poems) (1970)
   Green-sailed Vessel (poems) (1971)
   Poems: for Dolls and Princes (poems) (1971)
   Poems, 1970-72 (poems) (1972)
   Timeless Meeting (poems) (1973)
   At the Gate (poems) (1974)
   Collected Poems (poems) (1975)
   Two poems (poems) (1982)
   Collected Poems, 1975 (poems) (1988)
   Poems About War (poems) (1988)
   John Skelton Laureate (poems) (1989) (with John Skelton)
   Cynics and Romantics (poems) (1989)
   Love Poems (poems) (1990)
   Across the Gulf (poems) (1992)
   Collection of the Works of Robert Graves (1995)
   The Centenary Selected Poems (poems) (1995)
   Completed Poems, Volume 3 (poems) (1995)
   Complete Short Stories (1995)
   The Complete Poems: v. 1 (poems) (1995)
   The Complete Poems: v. 2 (poems) (1997)
   Yesterday Only and Other Poems (poems) (1999)
   The Complete Poems (poems) (2000)
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Robert Graves recommends
2028 (2018)
Ken Saunders
"Highly amusing."

Anthologies containing stories by Robert Graves
Heroic Adventure Stories (1998)
Stories from the Golden Age of Greece and Rome
edited by
Mike Ashley
Marriage (1997)
An Anthology
edited by
Elizabeth Jane Howard

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