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B J Holmes

(Bryan 'BJ' Holmes)
UK flag (1939 - 2019)

aka J William Allen, Jack Darby, Charles Langley Hayes, Sean Kennedy, Ethan Wall

B.J. Holmes was the author of over 30 Black Horse Westerns under his own name and the pseudonyms Ethan Wall and Charles Langley Hayes .

His work includes the series character Jonathan Grimm ("The Reaper"). He gives us an insight into the writing process, as well as some "tricks of the trade" he has employed to produce books since being diagnosed as having M.E.

Genres: Western
   Avenging Four (1978)
   Hazard (1979)
   Blood, Sweat and Gold (1980)
   Gunfall (1980)
   Noose for Yanqui (1981)
   Shard (1982)
   Bad Times at Backwheel (1982)
   On the Spin of a Dollar (1983)
   Another Day, Another Dollar (1984)
   Dark Rider (1987)
   I Rode with Wyatt (1989)
   Loco (1991) (as by Ethan Wall)
   The Last Days of Billy Patch (1992)
   All Trails Lead to Dodge (1993) (as by Ethan Wall)
   Montana Hit (1993) (as by Charles Langley Hayes)
   Dakota Hit (1995) (as by Charles Langley Hayes)
   Utah Hit (1995) (as by Charles Langley Hayes)
   The Shard Brand (1996)
   High Plains Death (1997) (as by Ethan Wall)
   Smoking Star (1997)
   Crowfeeders (1999)
   North of the Bravo (2000) (as by Ethan Wall)
   Jake's Women (2002)
   Rio Grande Shoot-out (2004) (as by Ethan Wall)
   The Expediter (2004) (as by Jack Darby)
   Three Graves to Fargo (2004) (as by Ethan Wall)
   Trouble in Tucson (2005) (as by Sean Kennedy)
   Shotgun (2005)
   Wyoming Hit (2005) (as by Charles Langley Hayes)
   Gunsmoke in Vegas (2006) (as by J William Allen)
   Catfoot (2007) (as by J William Allen)
   Yuma Breakout (2008) (with Jeff Sadler)
   The Treasure of Santa Maria (2010) (as by J William Allen)
   Savidge (2010) (as by Sean Kennedy)
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