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Fritz Leiber's picture

Fritz Leiber

(Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr)
USA (1910 - 1992)
Father of Justin Leiber

Fritz Leiber was one of the more interesting of the young writers who came into HP Lovecraft's orbit, and some of his best early short fiction is horror rather than sf or fantasy. He found his mature voice early in the first of the sword-and-sorcery adventures featuring the large sensitive barbarian Fafhrd and the small street-smart-ish Gray Mouser; he returned to this series at various points in his career, using it sometimes for farce and sometimes for gloomy mood pieces--The Swords of Lankhmar is perhaps the best single volume of their adventures. Leiber's science fiction includes the planet-smashing The Wanderer in which a large cast mostly survive flood, fire, and the sexual attentions of feline aliens, and the satirical A Spectre is Haunting Texas in which a gangling, exo-skeleton-clad actor from the Moon leads a revolution and finds his true love. Leiber's late short fiction, and the fine horror novel Our Lady of Darkness, combine autobiographical issues like his struggle with depression and alcoholism with meditations on the emotional content of the fantastic genres. Leiber's capacity for endless self-reinvention and productive self-examination kept him, until his death, one of the most modern of his sf generation.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Lankhmar: Adventures of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser
The Second Book Of Lankhmar (2001)

Night's Black Agents (1947)
The Mind Spider (1961)
Shadows with Eyes (1962)
A Pail of Air (1964)
Ships to the Stars (1964)
The Night of the Wolf (1966)
The Secret Songs (1968)
Night Monsters (1969)
The Book of Fritz Leiber (1974)
The Best of Fritz Leiber (1974)
The Second Book of Fritz Leiber (1975)
The Worlds of Fritz Leiber (1976)
Bazaar of the Bizarre (1978)
Heroes and Horrors (1978)
The Change War (1978)
Ship of Shadows (1979)
Ervool (1980)
The Mystery of the Japanese Clock (1982)
The Ghost Light (1984)
The Leiber Chronicles (1990)
Gummitch and Friends (1992)
Dark Ladies (1999)
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (2000)
The Black Gondolier (2003)
The Creature from Cleveland Depths (2007)
The First Book of Lankhmar (2008)
Poor Superman and Others (2009)
The Night of the Long Knives And Other Works (2010)
Selected Stories (2010)
The Night of the Long Knives / Creature From The Cleveland Depths (2010)
Strange Wonders (2010)
Science Fiction Collection 001 (2011) (with Harry Harrison)
Smoke Ghost And Other Apparitions (2011)
Science Fiction Collection 002 (2011) (with Kurt Vonnegut Jr)
Horror Gems, Volume Two (2011) (with Joseph Payne Brennan)
Lords of Quarmall / Beacon to Elsewhere (2011) (with Harry Fischer)
Masters of Science Fiction, Vol. Six (2012)
The Third Science Fiction Megapack (2012) (with Philip K Dick)
Horror Gems, Volume Three (2012) (with Stanton A Coblentz, August Derleth, John Jakes, Gordon MacCreagh, Rog Phillips, Seabury Quinn, H Russell Wakefield and Evangeline Walton)
Horrible Imaginings (2012)
Day Dark, Night Bright (2012)
Science Fiction Gems, Volume Four (2012) (with Poul Anderson, Ben Bova, Hugh B Cave, Randall Garrett, Frank Belknap Long, Kris Neville, Jack Sharkey and Walt Sheldon)
Hatchery of Dreams (2012)
The Wildside Book of Fantasy (2012) (with Lin Carter, Paul Di Filippo, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Robert E Howard, Clive Jackson, Tanith Lee, E Hoffmann Price, Thomas Burnett Swann, Lawrence Watt-Evans and Gene Wolfe)
The Moon is Green and Other Tales (2013)
The Monster MEGAPACK TM (2015) (with Lester del Rey, Harcourt Farmer, George Griffith, C.J. Henderson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, David H Keller, Jim Kjelgaard, Otis Adelbert Kline, Lewis Lister, Frank Belknap Long, William P McGivern, Mark McLaughlin, A R Morlan, Kathryn Ptacek, Robert Reginald, Pamela Sargent, Darrell Schweitzer, Brian Stableford, Cynthia Ward, William J. Wintle and George Zebrowski)
The 11th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Manly Banister, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, J F Bone, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Hal Clement, Mark Clifton, Lester del Rey, Simon Eisner, E Everett Evans, H B Fyfe, Christopher Grimm, James E Gunn, Raymond F Jones, C M Kornbluth, Murray Leinster, Katherine MacLean, William Morrison, Frederik Pohl, Frank M Robinson, Ross Rocklynne, Tony Rothman, Robert Silverberg, Clifford D Simak, Evelyn E Smith, Stephen Tall, William Tenn, Sydney J Van Scyoc, F. L. Wallace, Robert Moore Williams, Donald A Wollheim and Robert F Young)
The 12th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Alan Arkin, Manly Banister, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, Ray Bradbury, Rosel George Brown, Lucius Daniel, Lester del Rey, Philip K Dick, H.B. Hickey, R A Lafferty, Keith Laumer, Murray Leinster, Richard Matheson, Walter M Miller, Chad Oliver, Talmage Powell, Mack Reynolds, Frank M Robinson, Tony Rothman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, George O Smith and Jim Wannamaker)


Short Stories
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by Fritz Leiber
The Girl with Hungry Eyes (1949)
Far Boundaries (1951)
The Outer Reaches (1951)
     aka The Time of Infinity
New Worlds for Old (1953)
     aka Worlds of Tomorrow
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 7th Series (1958)
The Fiend in You (1962)
Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales (1963)
The Unknown (1963)
Over the Edge (1964)
Spectrum 4 (1965)
The Spell of Seven (1965)
An ABC of Science Fiction (1966)
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 15th Series (1966)
Tomorrow's Children (1966)
Dangerous Visions 2 (1967)
Famous Monster Tales (1967)
Nebula Award Stories 3 (1967)
New Worlds of Fantasy (1967)
     aka Step Outside Your Mind
Time Untamed (1967)
The Midnight People (1968)
One Hundred Years of Science Fiction (1968)
Science Fiction Horizons No. 1 (1968)
Best SF: 1969 (1969)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 3
The Witchcraft Reader (1969)
The Freak Show (1970)
The Hollywood Nightmare (1970)
On Our Way to the Future (1970)
The Hugo Winners 1968-1970 (1971)
Worlds Far and Near (1974)
The Hounds of Hell (1974)
Fellowship of the Stars (1974)
Spaced Out (1975)
Universe 5 (1975)
The Ghost's Companion (1975)
Christopher Lee's 'X' Certificate (1975)
The Best from If, Volume III (1976)
The Far Reaches of Fear (1976)
Weird Tales Volume 2 (1976)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 2 (1976)
The Black Magic Omnibus Volume 1 (1976)
Roots of Evil (1976)
     aka Weird Stories of Supernatural Plants
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories (1976)
The Ides of Tomorrow (1976)
Nebula Award Stories 11 (1976)
More of Christopher Lee's New Chamber of Horrors (1976)
The Best Science Fiction Stories (1977)
The Hugo Winners 1971-1975 (1977)
Whispers (1977)
Universe 7 (1977)
The Rivals of Frankenstein (1977)
The Best Science Fiction of the Year 6 (1977)
Trips in Time (1977)
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (1978)
The Best Science Fiction of the Year 7 (1978)
Lost Worlds, Unknown Horizons (1978)
The Best Science Fiction of the Year 8 (1979)
The Great SF Stories Two (1979)
Les Meilleurs Recits de Weird Tales Tome 3 (1938-1942) (1979)
Beyond Reality (1979)
The End of Summer (1979)
Science Fiction of the Fifties (1979)
The Science Fictional Solar System (1979)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 6 (1980)
A Century of Science Fiction 1950-1959 (1981)
The Giant Book of Horror Stories (1981)
The Great SF Stories 6 (1981)
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Four (1981)
Fantasy Annual III (1981)
A Treasury of Modern Fantasy (1981)
Elsewhere Two (1982)
The Great SF Stories 7 (1982)
Magic for Sale (1983)
The Best from Universe (1984)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 10 (1984)
The Great SF Stories 13 (1985)
Top Science Fiction (1985)
A Century of Horror 1970-1979 (1987)
Great Science Fiction of the 20th Century (1987)
The Colour of Evil (1987)
Rod Serling's Night Gallery Reader (1987)
Masters of Darkness 2 (1988)
Tales of the Occult (1989)
Urban Horrors (1990)
The Night Fantastic (1991)
Uncanny Banquet (1992)
The Norton Book of Science Fiction (1993)
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...Nightmare (1993)
The Best of Whispers (1994)
Nebula Award-Winning Novellas (1994)
Angels of Darkness (1995)
The Good Old Stuff (1995)
Science Fiction, Science Fact, and You (1995)
The Disciples of Cthulhu (1996)
The Wizards of Odd (1996)
The Way It Wasn't (1996)
100 Tiny Tales of Terror (1996)
The Oxford Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories (1996)
Wild Women (1997)
Modern Classics of Fantasy (1997)
Blood Thirst (1997)
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy All-Time Greats (1998)
     aka The Fantasy Hall of Fame
A Magic-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (1998)
Eternal Lovecraft (1998)
100 Twisted Little Tales of Torment (1998)
The SFWA Grand Masters (1999)
Children of the Night (1999)
Armageddons (1999)
Short stories
The Casket-Demon
Cry Witch!
Later Than You Think
Mouser Goes Below
Sea Magic
The Snow Women
The Jewels in the Forest (1939)
     aka Two Sought Adventure
The Automatic Pistol (1940)
The Bleak Shore (1940)
The Howling Tower (1941)
The Power of the Puppets (1941)
Smoke Ghost (1941)
The Hill and the Hole (1942)
The Hound (1942)
The Inheritance (1942)
The Phantom Slayer (1942)
The Sunken Land (1942)
Thieves' House [short story] (1943)
Crazy Wolf (1944)
Sanity (1944)
The Dreams of Albert Moreland (1945)
Wanted - An Enemy (1945)
Adept's Gambit (1947)
Diary in the Snow (1947)
The Man Who Never Grew Young (1947)
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (1949)
Coming Attraction (1950)
The Dead Man [short story] (1950)
The Enchanted Forest (1950)
The Ship Sails at Midnight (1950)
The Wolf Pack (1950)
Claws from the Night (1951)
     aka Dark Vengeance
A Pail of Air [short story] (1951)
Poor Superman (1951)
The Big Holiday (1952)
The Foxholes of Mars (1952)
I'm Looking For 'Jeff' (1952)
A Bad Day For Sales (1953)
The Night He Cried (1953)
The Seven Black Priests (1953)
The Big Trek (1957)
A Deskful of Girls (1958)Hugo (nominee)
Little Old Miss MacBeth (1958)
Rump-Titty-Titty-Tum-Tah-Tee (1958)Hugo (nominee)
Space-Time for Springers (1958)
Try and Change the Past (1958)
Damnation Morning (1959)
The Haunted Future (1959)
The Mind Spider [short story] (1959)
The Number of the Beast (1959)
Schizo Jimmie (1959)
The Warlock (1959)
All the Weed in the World (1960)
Mariana (1960)
The Oldest Soldier (1960)
The Wolf Pair (1960)
The Beat Cluster (1961)
The Big Time [short story] (1961)
Scylla's Daughter (1961)Hugo (nominee)
A Bit of the Dark World (1962)
The Creature from Cleveland Depths [short story] (1962)
The Lone Wolf (1962)
The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity (1962)
The Secret Songs [short story] (1962)
The Snowbank Orbit (1962)
The Thirteenth Step (1962)
The Unholy Grail (1962)Hugo (nominee)
Bazaar of the Bizarre [short story] (1963)
Game for Motel Room (1963)
Kindergarten (1963)
The Spider (1963)
X Marks the Pedwalk (1963)
The Black Gondolier [short story] (1964)
Midnight in the Mirror World (1964)
Cyclops (1965)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Dr Adams' Garden of Evil (1965)
Four Ghosts in Hamlet (1965)Nebula Awards (nominee)
The Good New Days (1965)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Moon Duel (1965)
Stardock (1965)Hugo (nominee)
Answering Service (1967)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Black Corridor (1967)
Gonna Roll the Bones [short story] (1967)Hugo
Nebula Awards
The Inner Circles (1967)
The Winter Flies (1967)
One Station of the Way (1968)
Endfray of the Ofay (1969)
Ship of Shadows [short story] (1969)Nebula Awards (nominee)
America the Beautiful (1970)
Ill Met in Lankhmar [short story] (1970)Hugo
Nebula Awards
The Bait (1973)
Trapped in the Shadowland (1973)
Do You Know Dave Wenzel? (1974)
Midnight by the Morphy Watch (1974)Hugo (nominee)
Mysterious Doings in the Metropolitan Museum (1974)
Belsen Express (1975)World Fantasy (nominee)
Catch That Zeppelin! (1975)Hugo
Nebula Awards
The Glove (1975)
Under the Thumbs of the Gods (1975)
Dark Wings (1976)World Fantasy (nominee)
The Death of Princes (1976)
The Eeriest Ruined Dawn World (1976)
The Terror from the Depths (1976)
A Rite of Spring (1977)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Black Glass (1978)
The Mer She (1978)
The Button Molder (1979)World Fantasy (nominee)
Horrible Imaginings (1982)Nebula Awards (nominee)
World Fantasy (nominee)
The Moon Porthole (1982)
The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars (1983)
The Ghost Light [short story] (1984)

Hugo Best Novel winner (1958) : The Big Time
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1959) : A Deskful of Girls
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1959) : Rump-Titty-Titty-Tum-Tah-Tee
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1962) : Scylla's Daughter
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1963) : The Unholy Grail
Hugo Best Novel winner (1965) : The Wanderer
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1966) : Stardock
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1966) : Cyclops
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1966) : Four Ghosts in Hamlet
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1966) : The Good New Days
Hugo Best Novellette winner (1968) : Gonna Roll the Bones [short story]
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1968) : Answering Service
Nebula Awards Best Novellette winner (1968) : Gonna Roll the Bones [short story]
Hugo Best Novella winner (1970) : Ship of Shadows [short story]
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (1970) : Ship of Shadows [short story]
Hugo Best Novella winner (1971) : Ill Met in Lankhmar [short story]
Nebula Awards Best Novella winner (1971) : Ill Met in Lankhmar [short story]
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1975) : Midnight by the Morphy Watch
Hugo Best Short Story winner (1976) : Catch That Zeppelin!
Nebula Awards Best Short Story winner (1976) : Catch That Zeppelin!
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1976)
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1976) : Belsen Express
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1977) : Dark Wings
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1978) : A Rite of Spring
World Fantasy Best Novel winner (1978) : Our Lady of Darkness
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1979) : Heroes and Horrors
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1980) : The Button Molder
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (1983) : Horrible Imaginings
World Fantasy Best Novella nominee (1983) : Horrible Imaginings
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1991) : The Leiber Chronicles: Fifty Years of Fritz Leiber

Books about Fritz Leiber
Fritz Leiber (1980) by Jeff Frane and Roger C Schlobin
Fritz Leiber and H.P. Lovecraft: Writers of the Dark (2004) by S T Joshi and Ben J S Szumskyj
Fritz Leiber recommends
Picnic on Paradise
Picnic on Paradise (1968)
Joanna Russ
"Picnic on Paradise is the only science fiction novel I've read in a single sitting in the past ten years. The tough little heroine Alyx grabbed my interest in the first sentence and never let go, any more than she ever lets go of her job of herding a fascinating bunch of future tourists across a winter-resort planet which is the battlefield of an eerie war and glitters with peril. Here is adventure, not romanticized, but as it really is: rough, dangerous and dirty, a-bristle with the unexpected, though with moments of high humor and surprising beauty."

The Island Under the Earth (1969)
Avram Davidson
"I was completely caught up in the saga."
The Doll Who Ate His Mother
The Doll Who Ate His Mother (1976)
Ramsey Campbell
"At once beautiful, shocking and thoroughly terrifying: we see and hear, we smell and feel the acid stench and spider touch of fear. An outstanding achievement."

The Many-Coloured Land (1981)
(Pliocene Exiles, book 1)
Julian May
"Altogether enchanting and stirs the mind and engages the feelings. I was captivated by its glamorous, sinister movement through the misty forests of Earth's true past."
The Sword Is Forged
The Sword Is Forged (1983)
Evangeline Walton
"I hadn't thought it possible to combine a novel of feminism with one of genuine romantic love, but Walton achieves this brilliantly. The language is clear, businesslike, and rises to heights at the climaxes. The story hews to it's thrilling tragic line, avoiding subplots and mere chronicle. This is certainly the best fictional depiction of the Amazons that I've ever encountered."

The Model (1987)
Robert Aickman
"He is a weatherman of the subconscious."

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