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D. M. Haggard, aka D. M. Horridge, was born in Texas, raised on cactus, dust, and a strong family. When He was very young, He would visit his uncle's farm in San Antonio and works side by side with his seven cousins baling hay, swimming in a round cow trough, and hunting rattlesnakes. He's hunted and fished all over the United States, and has worked like a trojan on his own ranch in Texas. 
He's written short stories and professional articles for a variety of marketing and professional magazines, but only recently started writing western adventure stories.
 He likes learning about the real characters of western history and use them in a fictional way. 
He fees like he is preserving their memory and the heritage they left for us over time. 
He has been blessed with a wonderful wife of 55 years, two terrific children, and a million friends. He tries to leave a message in every book that says to the reader, "we are all part of this world of ours and we need to work together to keep it from falling apart." His family is the most important part of my life. I have also been blessed with four fabulous grandchildren and two spouses of our children who have brought a wonderful depth to our family and extended family. One of his favorite subjects is the Texas Rangers, a group of tough, honorable, and law-abiding men and women. Only recently He begun a series of children's books named "The Amazing Adventures of Two Boys." They represent many of the stories my father told to his brother as children. Always exciting, but not frightening, they give him great pleasure to write and publish on Amazon under his father's name, Don Horridge, and his name D. M. Horridge. All of the proceeds from these children's books are donated to children's ministries throughout the world. Thanks for listening.


Genres: Western
New and upcoming books
Jake Walker
   1. Pursuit (2019)
   2. Ambush (2020)
   3. Revolt (2020)
   4. Trailblazers (2020)
Wilder Hawk: Mountain Man
   1. Mountain Bound (2021)
   2. Yellow Stone (2021)
   3. Savages (2021)
   4. Blood Trail (2021)
   5. Beasts (2022)
   6. Butcher Mountain (2022)
   7. Stone Cold (2022)
Dusty McCoy
   1. A Deadly Trail (2022)
   2. Dead Meat (2022)
   3. Massacre (2022)
   4. Dusty McCoy: U.S. Marshal (2022)
   5. Outlaw Trails (2023)
Cody Dakota: Mountain Man
   1. Cody Dakota: Mountain Man (2022)
   2. Unexpected Encounter (2022)
   3. Colorado Rockies (2023)
   4. Deadly Justice (2023)
   5. Survival (2023)
   6. Open Wounds (2023)
   7. Goin' Home (2023)
   8. Shadow Dwellers (2024)
   9. The Hunted (2024)
   10. Predator and Prey (2024)

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