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Born in Manchester, north-west England, Elizabeth developed a love of language from an early age and went on to study for a degree in French and German. During her thirty-year teaching career (French, German, and latterly English to non-native speakers), Elizabeth wrote three historical romance novels based in Norman England. She loves history, especially the dark ages and early medieval period, and is currently working on a new series based in the north-west of England.
Now retired, Elizabeth has moved to the beautiful Cognac area of south-west France, living in an old house surrounded by vineyards. Apart from writing, Elizabeth loves reading, Zumba and researching different areas of France, but seems to spend a lot of time decorating and gardening!

Genres: Historical Romance
   Betrayed Hearts (1996)
   Madselin's Choice (1997)
   The King's New Man (1998)
Omnibus editions

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