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Sarah Hogle is a stay-at-home mom who spends her free time planning weird pranks. Her dream is to live in a falling-apart castle in a forest that is probably cursed. You Deserve Each Other is her debut novel.

Genres: Romance
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October 2022

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Sarah Hogle recommends
The Ex Talk (2021)
Rachel Lynn Solomon
"This book gave me genuine butterflies. I fell in love with Shay and Dominic falling in love."
Shipped (2021)
Angie Hockman
"Shipped is a sweet, sunny getaway of a novel with an ambitious heroine I liked right away and a hero who's *chef's kiss* a supportive dreamboat (pun intended). A vicarious enemies-to-lovers trip to the Galapagos was exactly what I needed right about now. I stan an environmentally aware romance."
The Layover (2021)
Lacie Waldon
"A highly recommended read for fans of enemies-to-lovers and anyone who feels the pull of wanderlust."
Very Sincerely Yours (2021)
Kerry Winfrey
"Very Sincerely Yours is such a special, unique love story that made me laugh and warmed my heart. Kerry Winfrey creates the best casts of family and friends in her books, and the hero of this one, Everett St. James, is truly one of a kind--I've never seen anyone like him in romance. And the emails! *So* romantic. A delightful You've Got Mail-esque touch."
The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels (2021)
(Dangerous Damsels, book 1)
India Holton
"India's debut is charming, clever, action-packed, with masterful bantering-while-dueling choreography: it reminds me of The Princess Bride, except swoonier and more fantastical. It's an instant beloved favorite."
The Shaadi Set-Up (2021)
Lillie Vale
"The Shaadi Set-Up is my favorite ever second chance romance. Hilarious and emotional, with characters who feel so real I didn't want to let them go, Rita and Milan punched a hole through my heart. I can't wait to dog-ear all my favorite passages. This is an absolute treasure of a love story."
Love, Lists, and Fancy Ships (2021)
Sarah Grunder Ruiz
"This book is a love letter to letting yourself feel your feelings instead of pushing them away, or pushing away those who want to love you through it. Sweet, beachy, and emotional, you will want to read this one with a box of tissues."
The Roughest Draft (2022)
Austin Siegemund-Broka and Emily Wibberley
"There isn't a single page of The Roughest Draft, not one, that doesn't contain a sentence I had to re-read twice just to savor. I'm going to be thinking about this heartbreakingly lovely, vividly emotional book for a long time. These authors are masters of their craft and their writing is such a treat to read."
Lease on Love (2022)
Falon Ballard
"Sadie is a firecracker of a protagonist who's very aware of her flaws, and Jack is her perfect counterpart, embracing all of her rough edges with softness and understanding. Lease on Love warmly and wittily underscores that none of us are perfect, but we are all worthy, we are all enough: we all deserve to be loved, not just by others, but by ourselves too."
A Brush with Love (2022)
Mazey Eddings
"Harper and Dan have my whole heart. I love everything about this book, from their adorable meet cute to their unconventional first date, to the two of them working through their very real--and therefore not always pretty--issues. Dan is a soft, swoony hero, Harper is a relatable heroine who struggles with anxiety, and every page of the way I was rooting so hard for them to find their happily ever after. A Brush with Love is funny and cute while also exploring serious topics, powerfully underscoring the truth that relationships require work, and that happy endings are for everyone."
Lucie Yi Is Not A Romantic (2022)
Lauren Ho
"Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic features one of the most unique meet-cutes I've ever read, with an unconventional path to pregnancy and parenthood that I've never seen explored before. Lauren Ho's writing is witty, charming, and deeply relatable; she nailed the dynamics of thorny familial expectations, relationships with friends that alter when one of them begins having children while others don't, and best of all, Lucie and Collin. Collin is the adorable, supportive hero Lucie deserves and would never have found if she hadn't taken parenthood into her own hands, and Lucie is the brave, vulnerable, hilarious love of my life. Mark Thum made me burn holes through my Kindle with my eyeballs. I would like to fight Mark Thum."
For Butter or Worse (2022)
Erin La Rosa
"FOR BUTTER OR WORSE is a dessert in words, with a hot drizzle of enemies-to-lovers tension, delicious layers of fake-relationship and real-relationship, and enjoyable banter as the cherry on top. This book is sweet with heat: it made me laugh, and it made me very, very hungry."
Love in the Time of Serial Killers (2022)
Alicia Thompson
"Love in the Time of Serial Killers is funny, sharp, and thoughtful."
Season of Love (2022)
Helena Greer
"Greer has crafted an idyllic setting I want to whisk away to for Christmas (but then stay all year) and a charming cast of characters I want to befriend. Readers are going to lament that Carrigan's isn't a real destination they can jet off to."
Two Wrongs Make a Right (2022)
Chloe Liese
"Two Wrongs Make a Right is like hot chocolate and a croissant. It's whimsically-patterned leggings on an autumn day. It's cozy, soft, sweet, and satisfying--Bea and Jamie are opposites-attract excellence; I loved their banter, and even more than that, how they evolve to become each other's unwavering pillar of support and protection. Jamebea forever!"

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