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Joseph Heller

USA flag (1923 - 1999)

Joseph Heller was born in Brooklyn,1923. In 1961 he published the bestselling Catch-22 and went on to write the novels Something Happened, Good as Gold, God Knows, Picture This, and Closing Time (the sequel to Catch-22). His non-fiction works include No Laughing Matter (with Speed Vogel) and Now and Then. Joseph Heller died in December, 1999.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Non fiction
Joseph Heller recommends
The Hair of Harold Roux (1974)
Thomas Williams
"A superb and engrossing achievement."
Slow Days, Fast Company (1977)
Eve Babitz
"Her words are worth a thousand moving pictures."
Due North (1992)
Mitchell Smith
"A page-turner in the best sense of the term..."
Rattlesnake Farming (1992)
Kathryn Kramer
"An absorbing and unusual work by a writer of extensive abilities and elaborate imagination."
The Jukebox Queen of Malta (1999)
Nicholas Rinaldi
"A beguiling, romantic story in an illuminating and surprising setting."
Love in a Dead Language (1999)
Lee Siegel
"Amazing. A wonderful novel! Read it, read it!"
July, July (2002)
Tim O'Brien
"Tim O'Brien ranks among the best."
India Shastra (2015)
Shashi Tharoor
"I'm enthralled by the writing of Shashi Tharoor, his remarkable erudition and insight. For me, his work has been illuminating introduction to India."

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