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Stephen Coonts

(Stephen Paul Coonts)
USA flag (b.1946)

aka Eve Adams

Stephen Coonts is the author of 17 New York Times bestsellers. Mr. Coonts' career took off with the publication of his wildly popular Vietnam War thriller Flight of the Intruder, which spent 28 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list and was later made into a blockbuster film starring Danny Glover and Willem Dafoe. Flight of the Intruder was inspired by Mr. Coonts' own experiences flying an A-6 Intruder plane in Vietnam.

Genres: Thriller, Science Fiction, Historical
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Stephen Coonts recommends
Rolling Thunder (1989)
(Wings of War , book 1)
Mark Berent
"The fighter pilot's war - you love it and hate it at the same time, and Mark Berent writes it that way."
Countdown (1990)
(Kirk McGarvey, book 2)
David Hagberg
"A red-hot suspense thriller that will curl your hair."
Final Approach (1990)
John J Nance
"A taut high-tech mystery that could have been written only by an airline industry insider."
The Gulf (1990)
(Dan Lenson, book 2)
David Poyer
"The best military adventure writing to come along in years!"
Rising Wind (1996)
Dick Couch
"Great entertainment... A hard-as-nails action-adventure that will keep you riveted to your chair."
Until the End (1996)
Harold Coyle
"Coyle puts you in the ranks with a musket in your hand and bullets whizzing around your ears."
Check Six! (1998)
Bob Norris
"The best flying story to come along in years."
Night Trap (1998)
(Alan Craik, book 1)
Gordon Kent (Christian Cameron)
"Flying, spying and dying - NIGHT TRAP is the real straight Navy stuff. Better strap yourself to the chair for this one. I loved it."
The House of Pain (1999)
Franklin Allen Leib
"A classic legal thriller about a rip-off gone wrong. Sex, money, guns, and blood, this book hits with the impact of a .45 slug."
Seawolf (2000)
(Arnold Morgan, book 4)
Patrick Robinson
"Robinson is one of the crown princes of the beach-read thriller."
Saigon Express (2000)
(John Winter, book 2)
John Templeton Smith
"This guy is good."
Last Light (2001)
(Nick Stone, book 4)
Andy McNab
"The best suspense thriller writer to put pen to paper since Alistair MacLean."
The Shadows of Power (2002)
(Kent 'Rat' Rathman)
James W Huston
"Move over, Tom Clancy and Dale Brown - make room at the bar for James Huston."
The Silent Men (2002)
(Jackson Monroe, book 1)
Richard H Dickinson
"A terrific war novel chock full of suspense, sweat, blood, and corpses... The Silent Men is the real deal."
Cyclops One (2003)
(Andy Fisher, book 1)
Jim DeFelice
"White-Hot action... Jim DeFelice may be the best technothriller writer doing it today."
Liberia (2003)
(Joint Task Force, book 1)
David E Meadows
"David Meadows is the real thing."
The Keeper's Son (2003)
(Josh Thurlow, book 1)
Homer Hickam
"Homer Hickam is the best natural storyteller I've read in years."
Tidal Rip (2003)
(Jeffrey Fuller, book 4)
Joe Buff
"The creme de la creme of submarine thrillers."
Assured Response (2003)
(Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan, book 3)
Joe Weber
"Chilling and credible . . . An ominous, nightmarish scenario of how World War III could happen."
Sleeper Cell (2005)
Jeffrey Anderson
"Anderson has done his homework. Sleeper Cell is chilling."
KLLRS (2008)
(John Hardin, book 3)
Phil Bowie
"Good, solid, fast-paced adventure fiction from a guy who knows how to write."
Instinct (2010)
(Chess Team Adventure, book 2)
Jeremy Robinson
"If you like thrillers original, and chock-full of action, you are going to love Jeremy Robinson's Chess Team. Instinct riveted me to my chair."
Ghost Country (2010)
(Breach, book 2)
Patrick Lee
"WOW! Double Wow! Starkly original, Ghost Country by Patrick Lee will make Asimov and Heinlein cheer with the angels. The techno-thriller meets sci-fi, and the result is mind-blowing."
Rockers (2011)
Thomas Fitzsimmons
"Fitzsimmons is a worthy successor to Ed McBain."
The Nuclear Terrorist (2014)
Robert Gleason
"I was awestruck. Regardless of your political affiliation, you must read this book."
Weapon of Vengeance (2014)
(Weapon of Vengeance, book 1)
Mukul Deva
"A gripping terrorism thriller by an anti-terrorism professional."
Assassin's Game (2014)
(David Slaton, book 2)
Ward Larsen
"A stunning thriller."
Killers (2015)
Howie Carr
"Howie Carr knows Boston from the sewers down. A black masterpiece."
Fatal Thunder (2016)
(Jerry Mitchell, book 5)
Larry Bond
"you gotta read this book!."
Armstrong (2018)
(Custer of the West, book 1)
H W Crocker III
"Droll satire, this is the West as it might have been if the Sioux hadn't saved us."

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