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Elmore Leonard

USA flag (1925 - 2013)
Father of Peter Leonard

Elmore Leonard has written more than three dozen books including Cuba Libre, Rum Punch, and Get Shorty, and numerous screenplays. He has an unparalleled reputation among lovers of mayhem, suspense, and just plain wonderful writing. A Grand Master Award winner of the Mystery Writers of America, he has been likened to everyone from Balzac to Dostoevsky to Dickens to Dashiell Hammett -- but he is, in fact, entirely and entertainingly sui generis.

Genres: Western, Mystery
Non fiction
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (1984) : La Brava

Elmore Leonard recommends
High Priest of California (1953)
Charles Willeford
"I'm proud to say I knew the man who wrote this book. Willeford writes with quiet authority, has the ability to make his situations, scenes, dialogue, sound absolutely real."
The Sour Lemon Score (1969)
(Parker, book 12)
Richard Stark
"Whatever Stark writes, I read. He's a stylist, a pro, and I thoroughly enjoy his attitude."
The High Rocks (1979)
(Page Murdock, book 1)
Loren D Estleman
"I smelled the horses in Loren Estleman's westerns - they're that realistic and alive."
Tapping the Source (1984)
Kem Nunn
"[A writer] who is one of a rare breed, who isn't afraid to plot and tell a story."
Rusty Irons (1984)
Dan Cushman
"Nobody writes a better Western than Dan Cushman."
The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1988)
Barry Gifford
"Gifford knows his noir. The essays are better than some of the films he writes about."
Soul/Mate (1989)
Rosamond Smith (Joyce Carol Oates)
"A hair-raiser."
Brules (1992)
Harry Combs
"Vivid, panoramic, authentic, Harry Combs has done a superb job of capturing the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feel of the american west."
Bait (1994)
Kenneth Abel
"A gripper all the way."
Jump (1995)
Mike Lupica
"A fast ride uptown full of authentic sounds, great sports-guy dialogue, and a plot that does flips."
Prism (1996)
Austin Bay
"A techno-thriller that gets up and runs."
Tie My Bones to Her Back (1996)
Robert F Jones
"I kept saying ‘wow’ with awe and respect as I read it. Tie My Bones to Her Back is a terrific book. Exciting, fascinating, beautifully written."
Marker (1997)
Lowell Cauffiel
"Cauffiel knows how to make it sound real."
The Agent (1998)
George V Higgins
"Higgins is my favorite....No, he doesn't learn from me, I learn from him."
Big Trouble (1999)
Dave Barry
"The funniest book I've read in fifty years."
Sweet Dream Baby (2002)
Sterling Watson
"I can't remember a book that sneaked up and grabbed me the way Sweet Dream Baby did. It's a real shocker by a very good writer."
Scavenger Hunt (2003)
(Jimmy Gage, book 2)
Robert Ferrigno
"An awesomely good writer."
Handsome Harry (2004)
James Carlos Blake
"Blake brings 1930s bank robbers and their molls to life. I especially like his easy style."
Dirty South (2004)
(Nick Travers Mystery, book 4)
Ace Atkins
"Ace Atkins is an ace of a writer."
Walking Money (2004)
(Bill Tasker, book 1)
James O Born
"Jim Born is the real thing."
Bad Traffic (2008)
(Inspector Jian, book 1)
Simon Lewis
"Following Chinese points of view in a thriller set in the UK is inspired writing. Bad Traffic is a honey: suspense that never loses its grip."
The Reserve (2008)
Russell Banks
"If you've never read Russell Banks it's time you acquired the habit."
The Leisure Seeker (2009)
Michael Zadoorian
"Come to the end and you'll say 'Oh my God'."
The Perfect Prey (2011)
(John Stallings, book 2)
James Andrus
"An insider's view of how a true police investigation unfolds. It's as close a look at police work as you can get."
Seven Ways to Die (2012)
Kenneth John Atchity and William Diehl
"Bill Diehl gives you more story, more sustained entertainment than anyone else around."
Founders' Keeper (2015)
(David and Martin Yerxa, book 1)
Ed Markham
"A natural storyteller."
Sinner Man (2016)
Lawrence Block
"Block grabs you...and never lets go."

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