Juliet Hebden

Daughter of Mark Hebden

After the death of her father, Mark Hebden, creator of the quirky French detective Inspector Pel novels, Juliet Hebden took over the mantle of crime writer and has completed more books in the series. In addition to writing, Juliet is a mother of six children and lives in France.

Genres: Mystery
Inspector Pel
continued from the original series by Mark Hebden
   18. Pel Picks Up the Pieces (1993)
   19. Pel and the Perfect Partner (1994)
   20. Pel and the Patriarch (1996)
   21. Pel and the Precious Parcel (1998)
   22. Pel is Provoked (1999)
   23. Pel and the Death of the Detective (2000)
   24. Pel and the Butchers' Blades (2001)
   25. Pel and the Nickname Game (2002)

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