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Roslund & Hellström

(Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrröm)

Anders Roslund

Born 61. Founder and former head of Kulturnyheterna (Culture News) on Swedish Television. For many years he worked as a news reporter specializing in criminal and social issues and as an Editor-in-chief at Rapport and Aktuellt, the two major News programmes on Swedish Television.
He has worked in a canning factory in Israel, as a kiwi farmer in New Zealand, and as a waiter in Colorado.

Börge Hellström

Born 57. One of the founders of the crime prevention organization KRIS (Criminals Return Into Society). He has worked with rehabilitation of young offenders and drug addicts.
He has been a singer and guitarr player in different bands, and made a living as a travelling troubadour.
Genres: Mystery
Ewert Grens
1. Pen 33 (2016)
2. Box 21 (2005)
     aka The Vault
3. Cell 8 (2011)
5. Three Seconds (2010)
6. Two Soldiers (2013)
7. Three Minutes (2017)