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Madeline Harper

(Madeline Porter and Shannon Harper)
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aka Elizabeth Habersham, Anna James

Madeline Porter and Shannon Harper have been writing since 1977, when theirfirst book, a Gothic romance, was published as Elizabeth Habersham. Theypublished books as Anne James and as Madeline Harper. Madeline lives inNewport Beach, California, where she is assistant publicity director for theaward-winning South Coast Repertory Theater Company. Shannon lives in WinterHaven, Florida. During their almost fifteen-year partnership, Madeline andShannon have lived on opposite coasts, and they collaborate via the mail,fax machines and their computers.

Awards: Rita (1982)

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance
   Island of Deceit (1977) (as by Elizabeth Habersham)
   The Darker Side of Love (1979) (as by Anna James)
   Sweet Love, Bitter Love (1981) (as by Anna James)
   The Day Beyond Destiny (1981) (as by Anna James)
   A World Of Her Own (1982) (as by Anna James)
   Edge of Love (1983) (as by Anna James)
   Lovedance (1984)
   Every Intimate Detail (1984)
   Love On the Line (1984) (as by Anna James)
   The Venetian Necklace (1985) (as by Anna James)
   Nina's Song (1985) (as by Anna James)
   Images (1986) (as by Anna James)
   After the Rain (1986)
   The Reluctant Swan (1986) (as by Anna James)
   Dreammakers (1986) (as by Anna James)
   Their Song Unending (1987) (as by Anna James)
   The Ultimate Seduction (1987)
   Passage to Zaphir (1987) (as by Anna James)
   Keepsakes (1988)
   Stairway to the Moon (1988) (as by Anna James)
   The Treasures of Kavos (1989) (as by Anna James)
   This Time Forever (1989)
   The Jade Affair (1990)
   Dangerous Charade (1992)
   The Sundowner (1992)
   Wedding Bell Blues (1993)
   The Pirate's Woman (1993)
   Christmas in July (1994)
   The Trouble with Babies (1995)
   The Marriage Test (1996)
   Baby in My Arms (1996)
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