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Rachel Lynn Solomon is a Pacific Northwest native who loves rainy days, tap dancing, red lipstick, and new wave music. Her debut contemporary YA novel, You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone, is out now from Simon & Schuster/Simon Pulse. Her second book, Our Year of Maybe, is slated for early 2019.

Rachel has written for newspapers, produced a radio show that aired in the middle of the night, and worked for NPR, and she currently works in education. Rachel lives in Seattle with her boyfriend and tiny dog. She's represented by Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency.

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Romance, Young Adult Fantasy
Rachel Lynn Solomon recommends
When the Truth Unravels (2019)
Ruthanne Snow
"The four girls at the center of When The Truth Unravels are prickly, complicated, and headstrong--and I adored all of them. RuthAnne Snow's debut takes a quintessential high school experience--prom--and fills it with detours and secrets that make it impossible to put down. Across two timelines and multiple POVs, Snow paints an authentic, sensitive picture of depression and shows us how friendship is a delicate but resilient thing. I wish I could hand this to every teen girl trying her best and fearing she isn't enough. (She is.)"
Together We Caught Fire (2020)
Eva V Gibson
"With prose so striking that each dangerous, delectable sentence feels like a treat, TOGETHER WE CAUGHT FIRE is a book that doesn’t hold back. Even when the characters travel to their darkest places, there is an undeniable spark of light, of hope, at the center. I loved this gritty, bold debut."
What I Like About You (2020)
Marisa Kanter
"With a charming, modern teen voice and a cast of characters I refuse to believe aren't real people, this debut explores the connections we make online and IRL. A love letter to storytelling, fandom, and all kinds of friendships, I'm still hugging What I Like About You tightly to my chest."
The Truth Project (2020)
Dante Medema
"A captivating, intricately woven story of identity, family, and how we're shaped by our surroundings. From small-town Alaska to gritty Seattle, Cordelia’s search for belonging brims with honesty and heartache. Each lovely word of this novel-in-verse wields a special kind of power."
Rent a Boyfriend (2020)
Gloria Chao
"Rent a Boyfriend is exactly the kind of romantic romp promised by the title, but it’s also an emotional gut-punch, a careful excavation of family secrets, and a reminder to anyone who’s ever felt alone that they are absolutely worthy of love."
Five Ways to Fall Out of Love (2021)
Emily Martin
"Five ways to fall in love with this book: the witty banter, complex characters, cute dogs, affirming friendships, and exhilarating, please-kiss-already romance. Aubrey is a deeply relatable protagonist, one who is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. I devoured this smart, charming romantic comedy."
Float Plan (2021)
Trish Doller
"Float Plan had my heart from the first page. With lush, vibrant settings and characters I ached and swooned with, this book is both a romantic escape and a balm for the soul. I'm deeply in love with Anna and Keane."
Meet Me in Paradise (2021)
Libby Hubscher
"Both a romantic escape and an ode to sisterhood, Meet Me in Paradise made me swoon, laugh, and then sneaked up on me and made me cry. Marin and Sadie are the beating heart of this story--I adored them in all their wild, wonderful messiness. A radiantly hopeful book."
Heart on a Leash (2021)
(Hearts of Alaska, book 1)
Alanna Martin
"With two charming leads, three irresistible pups, and a small town unlike any I've read before, Heart on a Leash tugged at my emotions and warmed my soul. The perfect book to snuggle up with and savor."
The Intimacy Experiment (2021)
(Shameless , book 2)
Rosie Danan
"I could cry about how much I love Naomi and Ethan. Rosie Danan's writing brims with compassion and wit, and there's a tenderness that runs underneath everything--even when her characters are positive they're not falling for each other. A stunning, subversive romance that made me proud to be Jewish."
Counting Down with You (2021)
Tashie Bhuiyan
"I'm completely heart-eyed over this book. With a voice that blends pitch-perfect humor and tremendous compassion, Counting Down with You is an ode to anyone who's dreamed of a path different from the one carved out for them. A lovely, romantic debut that shimmers with hope."
Last Chance Books (2021)
Kelsey Rodkey
"A charming, hilarious debut that pays tribute to You’ve Got Mail while feeling uniquely modern. Kelsey Rodkey’s banter is what romcom dreams are made of, and Madeline and Jasper are so perfectly matched that I nearly perished while waiting for them to kiss. (And oh, they do.) An instant favorite."
Love Scenes (2021)
Bridget Morrissey
"Love Scenes is pure joy from start to finish. With Hollywood antics, a simmering slow-burn romance, and a tremendous amount of humor and heart, this book makes even its most famous characters feel like friends. A love letter to the messy, wild, wonderful families who make us who we are."
The Nature of Witches (2021)
Rachel Griffin
"The Nature of Witches is a love letter to the earth. This lush, atmospheric book charmed me with its magic system, captured my heart with its swoony romance, and stole my breath with its gorgeous words. I want to wallpaper my home with Rachel Griffin's sentences."
Heartbreak for Hire (2021)
Sonia Hartl
"I loved every page of this refreshingly modern battle of the sexes. Heartbreak for Hire shimmers with whip-smart dialogue, pitch-perfect humor, and burn-you-up steam. Sonia Hartl is a fierce, fearless new voice in romance."
The Rehearsals (2021)
Annette Christie
"A deeply special book, warm and wise and filled with undeniable tenderness. Annette Christie draws her not-quite-newlyweds Megan and Tom with tremendous empathy, and I rooted for them on all their wild misadventures, eager to find out what would happen each time they woke up. An effervescent, one-of-a-kind love story."
How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe (2021)
Raquel Vasquez Gilliland
"Breathlessly atmospheric, with a voice that grabs you on page one and doesn’t let go. A gorgeous, hopeful book about spirituality, sexuality, and self-acceptance. I fell in love with Moon falling in love."
The Charm Offensive (2021)
Alison Cochrun
"This book is my new obsession. As a longtime (and long-suffering) Bachelor fan, I grinned at all the winks to the franchise, cheered at the subversions of reality TV tropes, and grew faint as Dev and Charlie danced closer to embracing their true feelings—and even truer selves. Heart-stoppingly romantic and radiantly empathetic."
Kneel (2021)
Candace Buford
"An utterly unforgettable book--one that makes you think, makes you angry, and most of all, makes you eager to demand change. With an honest, unflinching voice and imbued with moments of true tenderness, Kneel is realistic YA at its best."
The Matzah Ball (2021)
Jean Meltzer
"A luminous celebration of all types of love, threaded with the message that everyone is worthy of it."
The Shaadi Set-Up (2021)
Lillie Vale
"Charming as hell and wonderfully witty, The Shaadi Set-Up had me grinning, swooning, and sweating. Watching Rita and Milan torture each other is truly delicious, and the tension between them is so thick you'd need several buzzsaws to cut it. A pitch-perfect romantic comedy and a new all-time favorite."
The Donut Trap (2021)
Julie Tieu
"This book gave me extreme heart eyes. The Donut Trap explores the post-college doldrums in a real and refreshing way, with a cast of charming characters, a sharp sense of humor, and a romance sweeter than frosting. A delectable debut!"
Love, Lists, and Fancy Ships (2021)
Sarah Grunder Ruiz
"Charming and hopeful, with a tenderness that underscores every scene. I adored headstrong, secretly vulnerable Jo, her chaotic teenage nieces, and Hot Yacht Chef, all of them beautifully written, fully realized characters trying to make sense of their own heartbreak. This debut is utterly irresistible--the kind of book that's impossible not to hug to your chest after finishing."
Love & Other Disasters (2022)
Anita Kelly
"Sweet and sexy and wholly delicious. I'm head over heels for these two delightful disasters - three if you count Dahlia's magnificent hair as a separate character. Anita Kelly writes with tremendous warmth and care, and these pages shine with joy."
My Fine Fellow (2022)
Jennieke Cohen
"A charming historical romp and fitting tribute to My Fair Lady. With pitch-perfect prose and a sly, observant voice, Jennieke Cohen serves up a spectacularly unique rom-com confection. I absolutely loved it!"
All the Right Reasons (2022)
Bethany Mangle
"Bethany Mangle writes with a fresh, fun voice and an excellently deadpan sense of humor. All The Right Reasons made my Bachelor-loving heart very happy."
Delilah Green Doesn't Care (2022)
(Bright Falls, book 1)
Ashley Herring Blake
"A truly exquisite romance about second chances, new beginnings, and the fragile joy of letting people in. I can't even count the number of gorgeous lines I highlighted. The setting, the scheming, the spice - Ashley Herring Blake paints every scene with a lyrical, tender brush. I'm wildly in love with this book."
I'm So (Not) Over You (2022)
Kosoko Jackson
"A delightfully hilarious romp. Kosoko Jackson's writing zips along with an electric, playful energy, making Kian and Hudson impossible not to root for. It's been a while since a book made me laugh this much!"
Lease on Love (2022)
Falon Ballard
"A hopeful, heartwarming debut. With a relatable disaster of a protagonist and an adorably nerdy hero, this opposites-attract, roommates-to-lovers romance is a true delight."
Being Mary Bennet (2022)
J C Peterson
"A witty, creative retelling packed with charming characters and hilarious antics. Being Mary Bennet filled my Austen-loving heart with so much joy!"
A Brush with Love (2022)
Mazey Eddings
"I'm obsessed with this book, and I fully intend to never stop yelling about it. With a shimmering voice and razor-sharp wit, Mazey Eddings has crafted a contemporary romance masterpiece that made me want to hug my dentist. There is an extraordinary amount of empathy in these pages: Harper and Dan are so lovably flawed, and Harper's mental health journey landed right in the center of my heart. The most intoxicating slow burn I've read in ages."
Mr. Wrong Number (2022)
Lynn Painter
"This book is an absolute blast, a classic rom-com setup with a modern twist. Lynn Painter's clever, charming voice sparkles on every page."
Sadie on a Plate (2022)
Amanda Elliot
"Sadie on a Plate reads like the ultimate cooking show comfort-watch - with the added spice of a forbidden romance. A delicious love story and heartfelt ode to Jewish cuisine."
Fool Me Once (2022)
Ashley Winstead
"A hilariously sharp-tongued romance with an unforgettable, unapologetic heroine. Fool Me Once is a breath of fresh air!"
Funny You Should Ask (2022)
Elissa Sussman
"Funny You Should Ask is the kind of fascinating, intimate character study that feels like reading about real people. A breezy, addictive romance--I couldn't put it down!"
Love from Scratch (2022)
Kaitlyn Hill
"A sweet and savory delight. From the crackling rivals-to-lovers tension to the pitch-perfect Seattle setting to the mouthwatering descriptions of food--I devoured it all. Kaitlyn Hill is a bold, exuberant new voice in YA."
Never Been Kissed (2022)
(Boy Meets Boy, book 1)
Timothy Janovsky
"An effervescent debut with an earnest heartbeat. Never Been Kissed blends a tender love story with cinematic nostalgia, full of pop culture references and unforgettable characters. I want to climb inside this book and see a movie at Wiley's -- but because I sadly cannot, I'll settle for more clever, joyful romcoms by Timothy Janovsky."
Set on You (2022)
(Influencer, book 1)
Amy Lea
"Set on You is the best kind of workout: one that ups your heart rate with its swoony hero, makes you sweat with its slow-burn tension, and leaves you satisfied with its themes of empowerment and self-acceptance. With a fresh, hilarious voice and a deeply relatable protagonist, this romantic comedy is enemies-to-lovers gold."
Some Mistakes Were Made (2022)
Kristin Dwyer
"Gorgeously romantic and compulsively readable. Some Mistakes Were Made and these flawed, unforgettable characters wrecked my heart and then repaired it, filling the cracks with hope and possibility. A captivating story of first love, first heartbreak, and the delicate beauty of second chances."
You, Me, and Our Heartstrings (2022)
Melissa See
"With a charming, unforettable vioce, You, Me, and Our Heartstringsis an ode to big dreams, first love, and the people who believe in us even when we don't beleive in ourselves."
How to Fake It in Hollywood (2022)
Ava Wilder
"This empathetic, sexy, utterly radiant book has my whole heart. With their red-hot chemistry, Grey and Ethan are easy to root for, both as a couple and as two creatives navigating rough patches in their careers. How to Fake It in Hollywood is the real deal."
The Charmed List (2022)
Julie Abe
"A delightfully sweet escape. This magical enemies-to-lovers romance made me grin and tugged at my heart--I'm thoroughly charmed!"
Bend Toward the Sun (2022)
Jen Devon
"This is a book to be savored. Bend Toward the Sun is a lushly drawn portrait of two people with a magnetic, soul-deep connection, wrapped up in a gorgeous story of hope and healing. It's the kind of romance that made me fall in love with the genre all over again-and I never wanted it to end. Consider me a Jen Devon fan for life."
Love in the Time of Serial Killers (2022)
Alicia Thompson
"A criminally addictive romance. With excellent wry humor, lovably messy characters, and so many heart-squeezing moments, this book is sheer perfection from beginning to end. Phoebe and Sam have a permanent spot on my list of favorite fictional couples."
Scandalized (2022)
Ivy Owens
"A frothy, seductive escape with two characters who are impossible not to love. Gigi and Alec's chemistry positively burns up these pages - I'm still fanning myself!"
The Make-Up Test (2022)
Jenny L Howe
"This second-chance romance is cozier than one of Colin's cardigans and lovelier than a crisp autumn day. I didn't know how badly I needed a sexy Scrabble scene in my life, and now I know I'd have been incomplete without one! With clever writing that makes her grad school rivals simmer and spark on the page, Jenny Howe has crafted a love story that feels not just swoony and heart-stirring, but achingly, breathtakingly real."
Seoulmates (2022)
Susan Lee
"A pitch-perfect romance with relatable, occasionally messy characters, heartfelt swoons, and so many laugh-out-loud moments."
Eight Nights of Flirting (2022)
Hannah Reynolds
"A cozy enemies-to-lovers delight! Eight Nights of Flirting is the perfect rom-com for winter - or any time you need a little extra warmth. Beautifully written, with dynamic, relatable characters who burrowed right into my heart."
Two Wrongs Make a Right (2022)
Chloe Liese
"These two wrongs are so very right for each other. Equal parts smart and steamy, with razor-sharp wit and an elegant, playful rhythm that would make Shakespeare proud. There's no warmer hug than a Chloe Liese book."

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