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War of Attrition

(The second book in the Human Chronicles Legacy series)
A novel by

The greatest threat the galaxy has ever faced ...

Launched by a race of beings long thought extinct ...

This is a challenge even Adam Cain may not be able to overcome ...

International bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris presents Book #2 in The Human Chronicles Legacy Series, featuring all your favorite characters from the original series.

Book #2: War of Attrition

In a continuation of the events begun in Raiders of the Shadow, Adam Cain and Copernicus Smith face off against an old enemy ... in fact several old enemies. The Klin have returned, as have the Second Generation Humans from the early days of The Human Chronicles. They're old foes back at it again, but this time teamed up with the deadly weapon's manufacturer Xan-fi, on another galaxy-conquering quest. But this time, they won't be denied.

And as usual, only our heroes can stop them. Or can they? It could be different this time.

In War of Attrition:
The Klin have devised yet another plan for galactic domination: A means of mentally controlling trillions of beings across the galaxy. Gone are the days of the Klin using surrogate races to do their fighting. They now control an unstoppable army spread over hundreds of worlds and armed with the most advanced weapons in the galaxy. And the worst part: Nobody knows who they are.

How do you stop an invisible army under the mental control of the most advanced race in the galaxy?

That's the challenge facing Adam Cain and crew, including the mutants Panur and Lila, in the latest thrilling space opera adventure from T.R. Harris.

About the Series:
The Human Chronicles Legacy Series
is just that, stories involving the characters--both good and bad, major and minor--from the original series. The Chronicles Universe is huge and detailed, an epic science fiction adventure full of awe and wonder. Experience it firsthand with War of Attrition, book two of the series.

Pick up your copy of War of Attrition today.

And be sure to check out all 50+ novels by T.R. Harris....

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All the books are available on and FREE for members of Kindle Unlimited.

Genre: Science Fiction

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