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Steve White was born in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1948 and served as a Naval Intelligence officer in the Mediterranean and in the Vietnam War Zone. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and an associate member of the Virginia Bar. In addition to the best-selling “Starfire” military science fiction series with David Weber, he has written several popular science fiction adventure novels for Baen. They include the trilogy comprising The Disinherited, Legacy and Debt of Ages, which combine fast-paced space opera with Arthurian mythology. He has also written the galaxy-spanning adventure Prince of Sunset, and its sequel Emperor of Dawn, the secret-history science fiction novel The Prometheus Project, the high fantasy novel Demon’s Gate, and the time travel adventure Blood of the Heroes. Steve lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is married and has three daughters, the youngest of whom he and his wife found and adopted in Russia… but that’s another story. .

Genres: Science Fiction
Series contributed to
   1. Crusade (1992) (with David Weber)
   2. In Death Ground (1997) (with David Weber)
   3. The Shiva Option (2002) (with David Weber)
   4. Insurrection (1990) (with David Weber)
   5. Exodus (2006) (with Shirley Meier)
   6. Extremis (2011) (with Charles E Gannon)
   7. Imperative (2016) (with Charles E Gannon)
   8. Oblivion (2018) (with Charles E Gannon)
   The Stars at War (omnibus) (2004) (with David Weber)
   The Stars at War II (omnibus) (2005) (with David Weber)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (2001) : Eagle Against the Stars

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