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Mike Resnick

(Michael Diamond Resnick)
USA flag (1942 - )
Father of Laura Resnick

Michael Diamond Resnick, better known by his published name Mike Resnick, is a popular and prolific American science fiction author. He has 5 Hugo Awards and other awards in the USA, France, Japan, Spain, Croatia and Poland. As of 2007, he is first on the Locus list of all-time award winners, living or dead, for short fiction, and 4th on the Locus list of science fiction's all-time top award winners in all fiction categories. He is also a long-time participant in science fiction fandom. Resnick has been the Guest of Honor at some 30 science fiction conventions, and Toastmaster at a dozen others.
Far Future History
1. Birthright (1982)
2. Santiago (1980)
3. The Dark Lady (1987)
Lucifer Jones
1. Adventures (1985)
2. Exploits (1993)
3. Encounters (1994)
4. Hazards (2009)
Lucifer Jones (omnibus) (1992)

1. Soothsayer (1991)
2. Oracle (1992)
3. Prophet (1993)
Tales of Kirinyaga
Bwana (1999)
Dragon America
1. Revolution (2003)
1. Mutiny (2005)
2. Pirate (2006)
3. Mercenary (2007)
4. Rebel (2008)
5. Flagship (2009)

Gods of Sagittarius (with Eric Flint)
1. Gods of Sagittarius (2017)
Stalking the Wild Resnick (1970)
Unauthorized Autobiographies (1981)
Through Darkest Resnick with Gun and Camera (1990)
The Alien Heart (1991)
Pink Elephants and Hairy Toads (1991)
Will the Last Person To Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun? (1992)
Solo Flights Through Shared Worlds (1996)
An Alien Land (1997)
A Safari of the Mind (1999)
Magic Feathers (2000) (with Nick DiChario)
Tales of the Galactic Midway (2000)
Hunting the Snark (2002)
With a Little Help from My Friends (2002)
Legends of Santiago (2003)
New Dreams for Old (2006)
Dreamwish Beasts and Snarks (2009)
Blasphemy (2010)
The Hugo Stories - Volume 1 (2010)
The Hugo Stories - Volume 2 (2010)
The Hugo Stories - Volume 3 (2010)
The Hugo Stories - Volume 4 (2010)
The Hugo Stories - Volume 5 (2010)
The Incarceration of Captain Nebula (2012)
With a Little More Help From My Friends (2012)
Masters of the Galaxy (2012)
Win Some, Lose Some (2012)
Resnick's Menagerie (2012)
The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack (2013) (with Poul Anderson, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Reginald Bretnor, Grendel Briarton (Reginald Bretnor), Damien Broderick, Fredric Brown, Arthur C Clarkes, Mark Clifton, Geoffrey Cobbe, Michael R Collings, Lester del Rey, C J Henderson, Michael Kurland, Edward M Lerner, Jesse Roarke, Robert Silverberg, Clifford D Simak, Jerry Sohl, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Richard Wilson and Robert F Young)
The Sherlock Holmes Megapack (2014) (with John Gregory Betancourt, Marc Bilgrey, Rhys Bowen, Carla Coupe, Jack Grochot, Bruce Kilstein, Michael Kurland, Gary Lovisi, Richard A Lupoff, Michael Mallory, Adam Beau McFarlane, Thos. Kent Miller, Linda Robertson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert J Sawyer, Stan Trybulski and Mark Wardecker)
First Person Peculiar (2014)
Away Games (2014)
Soulmates (2016) (with Lezli Robyn)
Funny Horror (2017) (with Scott Alexander, Esther Friesner, Julia S Mandala, Jody Lynn Nye, Laura Resnick, Darrell Schweitzer, Alex Shvartsman, Lucy A Snyder and Eric James Stone)

Series contributed to
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
Shaggy B.E.M. Stories (1988)
     aka Dirty Rotten Aliens
Alternate Presidents (1989)
The Gods of War (1992) (with Jody Lynn Nye and Christopher Stasheff)
Alternate Kennedys (1992)
Inside the Funhouse (1992)
Whatdunits (1992)
Aladdin : Master of the Lamp (1992) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Future Earths : Under African Skies (1993) (with Gardner Dozois)
More Whatdunits (1993)
Future Earths : Under South American Skies (1993) (with Gardner Dozois)
Alternate Warriors (1993)
Christmas Ghosts (1993) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Alternate Worldcons (1994)
In Space No One Can Hear You Laugh (1994)
By Any Other Fame (1994) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Alternate Outlaws (1994)
Deals with the Devil (1994) (with Loren D Estleman and Martin H Greenberg)
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (1995) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Alternate Tyrants (1997)
Return of the Dinosaurs (1997) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Tombs, Travel and Trouble (1997) (with Lawrence Griswold)
Girls for the Slime God (1997)
Alternate Skiffy (1997) (with Patrick Nielsen Hayden)
Women Writing Science Fiction as Men (2003)
Stars (2003) (with Janis Ian)
Men Writing Science Fiction As Women (2003) (with Martin H Greenberg)
I, Alien (2005)
Down These Dark Spaceways (2005)
This Is My Funniest (2006)
Space Cadets (2006)
This Is My Funniest 2 (2007)
Alien Crimes (2007)
The Dragon Done It (2008) (with Eric Flint)
The Best of Jim Baen's Universe II (2008) (with Eric Flint)
When Diplomacy Fails (2008) (with Eric Flint)
Bug-Eyed Monsters and Bimbos (2011)
The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes (2012) (with Peter Atkins)
The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs (2013) (with Robert Garcia)
The Best of Galaxy's Edge 2013-2014 (2014)
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Mike Resnick
Short stories
The Last Dog (1977)
Blue (1979)
Beachcomber (1980)
Watching Marcia (1981)
The Fallen Angel (1984)
God and Mr Slatterman (1984)
Me and My Shadow (1984)
Stalking the Unicorn with Gun and Camera (1986)
Beibermann's Soul (1988)
The Crack in the Cosmic Egg (1988)
Death Is an Acquired Trait (1988)
His Award-Winning Science Fiction Story (1988)
King of the Blue Planet (1988)
Kirinyaga [short story] (1988)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Balance (1989)
For I Have Touched the Sky (1989)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
Neutral Ground (1989)
Was It Good For You, Too? (1989)
Bully! [short story] (1990)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
Frankie the Spook (1990)
How I Wrote the New Testament, Ushered in the Renaissance, and Birdied the 17th Hole at Pebble Beach (1990)
The Manamouki (1990)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Museum Piece (1990)
Malish (1991)
Monsters of the Midway (1991)
Mrs Hood Unloads (1991)
One Perfect Morning, With Jackals (1991)Hugo (nominee)
Over There (1991)
Post Time in Pink (1991)
Winter Solstice (1991)Hugo (nominee)
The B Team (1992)
The Light that Blinds, the Claws that Catch (1992)
Revolt of the Sugar Plum Fairies (1992)
Will the Last Person To Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun? [short story] (1992)
Final Solution (1993)
The Lotus and the Spear (1993)Hugo (nominee)
Mwalimu in the Squared Circle (1993)Hugo (nominee)
The Pale Thin God (1993)
Barnaby in Exile (1994)Hugo (nominee)
How Jerry Phipps Won His Hugo (1994)
Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge (1994)Hugo
Nebula Awards
Stanley, the Eighteen-Percenter (1994)
Stop Press (1994)
The Summer of My Discontent (1994)
Super Acorns (1994) (with Lawrence Schimel)
The Adventure of the Pearly Gates (1995)
Alien Radio (1995) (with Nick DiChario)
Bibi (1995) (with Susan Shwartz)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
Coda: Working Stiff (1995) (with Nick DiChario)
The Joy of Hats (1995) (with Nick DiChario)
A Little Knowledge (1995)Hugo (nominee)
When the Old Gods Die (1995)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
Darker Than You Wrote (1996)
The Land of Nod (1996)Hugo (nominee)
Merdinus (1996) (with Linda J Dunn)
The Most Beautiful Girl Alive (1996) (with Nick DiChario)
Mrs. Vamberry Takes a Trip (vamberry the Wine Merchant) (1996)
The Roosevelt Dispatches (1996)
The Starving Children on Mars (1996) (with Louise Rowder)
The 43 Antarean Dynasties (1997)Hugo
Sagittarius Rising (1997) (with Ann Marston)
A Buzzard Names Rabinowitz (1999)
Hothouse Flowers (1999)Hugo (nominee)
Hunting the Snark [short story] (1999)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
Boot Hill [short story] (2000) (with Catherine Asaro)
Full Circle (2000) (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
The Elephants on Neptune (2001)Hugo (nominee)
Ocean's Eleven (2001) (with Tom Gerencer)
Redchapel (2001)Hugo (nominee)

Hugo Best Short Story winner (1989) : Kirinyaga [short story]
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1989) : Kirinyaga [short story]
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book nominee (1990) : Ivory: A Legend of Past and Future
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1990) : For I Have Touched the Sky
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1990) : For I Have Touched the Sky
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1990) : Ivory: A Legend of Past and Future
Hugo Best Novella nominee (1991) : Bully! [short story]
Hugo Best Novellette winner (1991) : The Manamouki
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1991) : The Manamouki
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1992) : One Perfect Morning, With Jackals
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1992) : Winter Solstice
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (1992) : Bully! [short story]
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1993) : The Lotus and the Spear
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1994) : Mwalimu in the Squared Circle
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1995) : Barnaby in Exile
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1995) : A Little Knowledge
Hugo Best Novella winner (1995) : Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge
Nebula Awards Best Novella winner (1995) : Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge
Hugo Best Novella nominee (1996) : Bibi
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1996) : When the Old Gods Die
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (1996) : Bibi
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1996) : When the Old Gods Die
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1997) : The Land of Nod
Hugo Best Short Story winner (1998) : The 43 Antarean Dynasties
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (2000) : Hothouse Flowers
Hugo Best Novella nominee (2000) : Hunting the Snark [short story]
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (2001) : The Elephants on Neptune
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (2001) : Redchapel
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (2001) : Hunting the Snark [short story]

Books about Mike Resnick
Mike Resnick (2000) by Fiona Kelleghan and Ralph Roberts
Mike Resnick recommends
The Identity Plunderers
The Identity Plunderers (1984)
(Siscoe And Block, book 1)
Isidore Haiblum
"A rip-roaring, hard-boiled, enjoyable space adventure."
Greenhouse (1991)
(Organic Future, book 2)
Thomas A Easton
"Easton has created an absolutely mind-boggling future!"
Mirabile (1991)
Janet Kagan
"An absolute delight!"

Far-Seer (1992)
(Quintaglio Ascension, book 1)
Robert J Sawyer
"Sawyer's as good at world-building as he is at telling an exciting, satisfying story."

Tropic of Creation (2000)
Kay Kenyon
"More proof that Kay Kenyon is a major talent."

The Risen Empire (2003)
(Succession, book 1)
Scott Westerfeld
"The Risen Empire is proof that space opera can be as complex and sophisticated as any other form of literature."
Fangs and Angel Wings
Fangs and Angel Wings (2003)
Karen E Taylor
"I urge you to check these stories out; they're really quite remarkable."
Phobos (2003)
Ty Drago
"A very impressive debut novel."

Hammered (2004)
(Jenny Casey, book 1)
Elizabeth Bear
"Very exciting... very impressive debut."

Brooklyn Knight (2010)
(Piers Knight, book 1)
C J Henderson
"As urban fantasies go, Brooklyn Knight is as breathlessly exciting as they come."

Codename Prague (2011)
(Scikungfi Trilogy, book 2)
D Harlan Wilson
"Codename Prague is a thrill-a-minute combination of James Bond, Robert Ludlum, and cyberpunk, set in a dangerous, erotic, and not-as-distant-as-you'd-wish future."

One Awake In All The World (2011)
Robert T Jeschonek
"Robert Jeschonek is a towering talent..."

Get Rufus! (2012)
Bob Terrell
"A delight, dishing up charm, adventure, and a delightful mountain flavor, all at the same time. Bob Terrell knows his way around a story - and there's a female mule named Fred that you're going to lose your heart to."

Jane Carver of Waar (2012)
(Jane Carver, book 1)
Nathan Long
"If Edgar Rice Burroughs were writing today, with 21st Century skills and sensibilities, Jane Carver of Waar is the book he'd have written."

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