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Terry Harknett

UK flag (b.1936)

aka Frank Chandler, George G Gilman, Adam Hardy, Jane Harmon, Joseph Hedges, William M James, Charles R Pike, William Pine, Thomas H Stone, William Terry

Terry Harknett is a British author, born 1936 in Essex. He is author of almost 200 books, mostly pulp novels in the western and crime genres. He has written as a ghostwriter for Peter Haining.

Genres: Western, Mystery
Once a Copper (1965) (as by William Terry)
The Protectors (1967) (as by William Pine)
W.I.T.C.H. (1971) (as by Jane Harmon)
Promotion Tour (1972)
The Hero (1973) (with Peter Haining)
Squeeze Play (1973) (as by Thomas H Stone)
The Danville Stagecoach Robbery (2016) (as by Frank Chandler)
Black Hearts, Black Spades (2017) (as by Frank Chandler)
Two Trees Hollow (2018) (as by Frank Chandler)
Chace Hexx (2018) (as by Frank Chandler)
Time to Decide (2019) (as by Frank Chandler)
Baruch Elias (2019) (as by Frank Chandler)
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