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Adam Hardy

A pseudonym used by Kenneth Bulmer, Terry Harknett

Adam  is a pseudonym used by Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005) and Terry Harknett (1936-?).

Bulmer was born in London, married with one son and two daughters though he later divorced. He lived in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and was one of the most prolific authors of Science Fiction. He wrote hundreds of novels under more than a dozen pseudonyms.

Harknett is a British author, born 1936 in Essex. He is author of almost 200 books, mostly pulp novels in the western and crime genres and he has also written as a ghostwriter for Peter Haining.

Together they wrote, as Adam Hardy, a series about George Abercrombie Fox which starts in 1775 when Fox, named after an uncle hanged at Tyburn, joins the Royal Navy as a powder monkey.

Genres: Historical, Thriller
   1. The Press Gang (1972)
   2. Prize Money (1973)
   3. Siege (1973)
     aka Savage Siege
   4. Treasure (1973)
     aka The Treasure Map
   5. Powder Monkey (1974)
     aka Sailor's Blood
   6. Blood for Breakfast (1974)
     aka Sea of Gold
   7. Court Martial (1974)
   8. Battle Smoke (1974)
   9. Cut and Thrust (1974)
   10. Boarders Away (1975)
   11. The Fireship (1975)
   12. Blood Beach (1975)
   13. Sea Flame (1976)
   14. Close Quarters (1977)
Strike Force Falklands
   1. Operation Exocet (1984)
   2. Raiders' Dawn (1984)
   3. Red Alert (1984)
   4. Recce Patrol (1985)
   5. Covert Op (1985)
   6. Ware Mines (1985)

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