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Tony Harmsworth (Anthony Geoffrey) Harmsworth (1948-)

He has spent the last forty years living on the side of Loch Ness. Today he writes science fiction - FEDERATION, GREEN DOOR, MINDSLIP, MOONSCAPE, and THE VISITOR. He has also written non fiction - LOCH NESS, NESSIE & ME and SCOTLAND'S BLOODY HISTORY.

Biography: Tony is now retired from his career in tourism, but is still considered to be one of the foremost authorities on the mystery at Loch Ness. He conceived designed, created and co-founded the Official Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre; was administrative coordinator of Operation Deepscan during 1986/7; created the Macbeth Experience multi-media exhibition in Perthshire, became Bursar of Fort Augustus Abbey on Loch Ness where he designed and wrote the highly acclaimed Fort Augustus Abbey Heritage Centre and also the Loch Ness Story Diorama; invented the award-winning board game, Nessie Hunt; scripted the Polygram video Loch Ness Monster Story; wrote Mysterious Monsters of Loch Ness, and Loch Ness, The Monster, the latter being reprinted on eight occasions. His Loch Ness, Nessie and Me book, containing over 300 pages and more than 200 photographs and illustrations, is considered essential reading for anyone interested in Loch Ness. It has also been described as the most comprehensive book every written on the subject.

Although born and brought up in England, he is descended from King Robert The Bruce. He has lived overlooking Loch Ness for more than half his life.

His mixed heritage has resulted in him being a rather strange combination of Tottenham Hotspur and Scotland supporter. Neither team seem to ever win anything! Although, perhaps, this year? As this demonstrates, he is also a great optimist!

Tony has a background in sales and industry holding down management posts with Loyds, Top Rank, Granada, Wella and Lenthéric Morny (BAC). These posts were in Manchester and the south of England. He moved to Drumnadrochit in 1978 to follow up several years' interest in Loch Ness. In 1980 it was his idea to set up the Loch Ness Exhibition with a local hotelier who stole his intellectual property. He recovered from that blow and went on to have a very successful career designing visitor centres, exhibitions and multi-media presentations.

He now writes science fiction full time and if the reviews are to be believed, he is very good at it.
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(Mindslip , book 2)
   1. Scaffy Wagon (2016)
   2. Goonhilly Enigma (2016)
   3. Enmity & Eternity (2016)
   0. Mindslip (2016)
   1. Evolution's Nemesis (2019)
   2. Heat (2024)
Federation Trilogy
   1. Federation (2019)
   2. Federation and Earth (2019)
   3. Hidden Federation (2020)
Mark Noble
   1. Moonscape (2019)
   2. Moonstruck (2020)
   3. Trappist-1 (2020)
   4. The Spolding Conundrum (2020)
   5. Cybernetic Tyrant & Deep Space Visitor (2021)
   6. Pristine Earth Sinister Planet (2023)
   Green Door (2018)
   The Door (2019)
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   Going To Mars (2019)
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