Morris Hershman


aka Evelyn Bond, Sara Roffman, Janet Templeton, Lionel Webb, Jessica Wilcox

Genres: Mystery
Guilty Witness (1963)
Evil in the House (1965) (as by Evelyn Bond)
House of Distant Voices (1965) (as by Evelyn Bond)
House of Shadows (1965) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Lady in Darkness (1965) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Lady of Storm House (1965) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Heritage of Fear (1966) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Beloved Traitor (1967) (as by Evelyn Bond)
The Clouded Mirror (1967) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Glory in Hell (1967)
Target for Terror (1967)
The Venetian Secret (1967) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Bride of Terror (1968) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Mission to Hell (1968)
Rogue Slave (1968) (as by Lionel Webb)
Sparhawk (1968) (as by Lionel Webb)
The Flame and the Fury (1970) (as by Lionel Webb)
Sebastian (1970) (as by Lionel Webb)
The Violator (1970) (as by Lionel Webb)
Doomway (1971) (as by Evelyn Bond)
The Devil's Footprints (1972) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Hornet s Nest (1972) (as by Evelyn Bond)
The Girl from Nowhere (1972) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Dark Sonata (1972) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Raven's Eye (1972) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Shareworld (1972)
Imperial Blue (1973) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Widow in White (1973) (as by Evelyn Bond)
The Crimson Candle (1973) (as by Evelyn Bond)
The Blackbirder (1974) (as by Lionel Webb)
The Crash of 2086 (1976)
The Waiting Eyes (1976) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Night of Dark Fires (1977) (as by Lionel Webb)
This Wounded Passion (1978) (as by Jessica Wilcox)
Family Round (1981) (as by Sara Roffman)
Lover's Knot (1981) (as by Janet Templeton)
The Scapegrace (1982) (as by Janet Templeton)
Lady Fortune (1984) (as by Janet Templeton)
Love Is a Scandal (1984) (as by Janet Templeton)
The Virtuous Vixen (1985) (as by Janet Templeton)
The Reluctant Heiress (1986) (as by Janet Templeton)
A Suitor to Spare (1987) (as by Janet Templeton)
Love Is the Winner (1988) (as by Janet Templeton)
The Heart's Intrigue (1990) (as by Evelyn Bond)
Seeing is Deceiving (2011) (with Mary Wickizer Burgess (as by Lionel Webb) )
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Anthologies containing stories by Morris Hershman
Short stories
Sweet Violence (1992)
Slightly Guilty (1999)

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