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Catherine Jinks

Australia (b.1963)

Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane and grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea. She became a writer because she loves reading, as well as history, films, TV and gossip.

The author of over twenty books for children and adults, including the award-winning Pagan series, Catherine writes whenever she gets a moment (i.e. when her daughter's not around!) and could write for eight hours straight if she had the chance but never does these days. She gets her ideas for her novels from everywhere particularly good science fiction films. Catherine lives in the Blue Mountains with her Canadian husband and young daughter Hannah.

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Allie's Ghost Hunters
   1. Eglantine (2002)
   2. Eustace (2003)
   3. Eloise (2005)
   4. Elysium (2007)
City of Orphans trilogy
   1. A Very Unusual Pursuit (2013)
     aka How to Catch a Bogle
   2. A Very Peculiar Plague (2013)
     aka A Plague of Bogles
   3. A Very Singular Guild (2013)
     aka The Last Bogler

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