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Detroit native Karen Dionne is the internationally published author of Boiling Point, an environmental thriller about an erupting volcano, a missing researcher, and a radical scheme to end global warming.

Karen is cofounder of the online writers community Backspace, and organizes the Backspace Writers Conferences held in New York City every year. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, and the International Thriller Writers, where she serves on the board of directors as Vice President, Technology.

Karen has been honored by the Michigan Humanities Council as a Humanities Scholar for her body of work as an author, writer, and as co-founder of Backspace.

Karen blogs at The Huffington Post, and has written about the publishing industry from an authors perspective for DailyFinance. She also reviews for The New York Journal of Books.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Barry Awards Best Novel winner (2018) : The Marsh King's Daughter
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2018) : The Marsh King's Daughter

Karen Dionne recommends
The Choice (2017)
Samantha King
"An astonishing read! Emotionally raw and unexpected, Samantha King's beautifully crafted The Choice is an utterly unputdownable debut that heralds the entry of a major new talent."
Can You Hear Me? (2017)
Elena Varvello
"Readers will devour this novel in one sitting as I did, then chew over it long after the book is done."
The Marriage Pact (2017)
Michelle Richmond
"This sometimes disturbing, always thought-provoking, stunner of a novel will keep you reading far too late into the night."
Just Between Us (2017)
Rebecca Drake
"Rebecca Drake's Just Between Us is a stunner - a tense, twisty thriller about four ordinary women that begs the question: When a friend is in trouble, and all you want to do is help, how can everything go so terribly wrong?"
The Dark Lake (2017)
(Gemma Woodstock, book 1)
Sarah Bailey
"I raced through this deliciously complicated, mesmerizing debut at warp speed. Sarah Bailey's The Dark Lake is sure to keep readers awake far too late into the night."
The Innocent Wife (2017)
Amy Lloyd
"The Innocent Wife is a stunner that leads the reader down a twisty path to a surprising, yet satisfying conclusion. You won't be able to stop turning the pages!"
The Last Mrs. Parrish (2017)
(Last Mrs. Parrish, book 1)
Liv Constantine
"Liv Constantine’s THE LAST MRS. PARRISH is a beautifully constructed set piece, an intricate narrative that doubles back and folds in on itself like a Mobius strip, revealing secret upon secret, and layer upon layer, with a seductive ‘just one more chapter’ urgency that will keep readers up all night. Giving new meaning to the adage ‘be careful what you wish for,’ THE LAST MRS. PARRISH proves that the worst that can happen just might be when you get what you want. Addictive!"
Look for Her (2017)
(DI Chloe Frohmann, book 3)
Emily Winslow
"Nothing is easy or simple, thanks to Winslow's delightfully devious mind. Surprising and satisfying, you won't be able to stop turning the pages of Look for Her."
The Devil's Claw (2017)
(Jennifer Dorey Mystery, book 1)
Lara Dearman
"A powerful debut. With smooth prose and engaging characters, Dearman draws her readers into a tangled web of secrets. Layer upon layer of lies and unexpected connections will keep readers guessing until the very end."
Strangers in Budapest (2017)
Jessica Keener
"A mesmerizing story of love and loss. Keener probes the depths to which grief and disappointment can drive a person away from those who only wish to love them."
A Map of the Dark (2018)
(Searchers , book 1)
Karen Ellis
"A riveting, breathless novel, equal parts police procedural and emotional personal journey. Karen Ellis's twisty plot, dark storytelling, and nail-biting action kept me reading far too late into the night. A triumph!"
Paper Ghosts (2018)
Julia Heaberlin
"A stunner: a creepy, complicated thriller that crawls under your skin from the outset and burrows deeper with every page; the kind of ‘there’s no way this is going to end well’ story in which you know that what the character is doing is a very, very bad idea, but you can’t look away. It’s a chilling, nuanced, just-one-more-page novel from a master of psychological suspense. Highly recommended!"
The French Girl (2018)
Lexie Elliott
"A maelstrom of complicated friendships and shifting alliances. This addictive debut will keep you up late into the night!"
The Broken Girls (2018)
Simone St James
"Haunting and memorable... mesmerizing."
The Ruin (2018)
(Cormac Reilly, book 1)
Dervla McTiernan
"Fans of Tana French will love McTiernan's expertly plotted, complex web of secrets that refuse to stay hidden."
Everything About You (2018)
Heather Child
"Amazing, creepy, twisty and clever."
Turn a Blind Eye (2018)
(D.I. Maya Rahman, book 1)
Vicky Newham
"Vicky Newham's TURN A BLIND EYE is a sensational debut; a current, timely police procedural featuring a DI like none you've ever seen. I loved this book!"
Do No Harm (2018)
L V Hay
"Crackles with tension."
Jane's Baby (2018)
Chris Bauer
"Chris Bauer's JANE'S BABY is a fresh and engaging page-turner in the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen, with a 'Wish I'd thought of that' premise, a bounty hunter with a serious problem, and a cast of quirky sidekicks on a collision course with both the past and the future. I read this in one sitting. Such a clever book!"
Lies That Bind Us (2018)
Andrew Hart
"How can you possibly understand the present if the past isn’t what you thought? Andrew Hart’s Lies That Bind Us answers that question with a compulsively unreliable narrator, a fascinating setting, intricate plotting, and prose that’s as smooth as the Aegean Sea where the story takes place. A tense and engaging thriller that will keep readers biting their nails until the very last page."
Scrublands (2018)
(Martin Scarsden, book 1)
Chris Hammer
"Chris Hammer's powerful debut Scrublands establishes his place among the handful of thriller writers who understand the importance of setting as character, deftly weaving the story of a landscape burned dry and a town whose residents are barely hanging on with a complicated mystery that could only happen in this place in exactly the way Hammer tells it. Fresh and hypnotic, complex and layered, Scrublands' gorgeous prose swept me up and carried me toward a conclusion that was both surprising and inevitable. I loved every word. Highly recommended."
Somebody's Daughter (2018)
David Bell
"With razor sharp prose and a satisfyingly twisty plot, Somebody's Daughter is an intense, emotional thrill ride readers won't want to miss!"
The Other Sister (2018)
Sarah Zettel
"Sarah Zettel's THE OTHER SISTER is as dark and twisted as they come; a compelling and sinister psychological thriller in which every character is deeply flawed, their desire for revenge understandable and relatable. With its intricate web of secrets long buried, readers won't be able to stop turning the pages!"
In Her Bones (2018)
Kate Moretti
"Sensational; a stunning psychological thriller that kept me riveted from the first page to the last. A dark and compelling exploration of what it's like to grow up with someone who just may be the worst mother in the world, Moretti's chilling and insightful novel answers the question: If your mother is a serial killer and you're obsessed with her victims, what does that make you?"
The Lines We Leave Behind (2018)
Eliza Graham
"The Lines We Leave Behind is mesmerizing; a deeply affecting story of treachery, deception, sacrifice, and loss. Beautifully written and completely absorbing…"
The Plotters (2018)
Un-su Kim
"A work of literary genius; a quirky, compelling, intelligent, darkly funny, highly original and thought-provoking thriller like nothing I've read."
Flowers Over the Inferno (2019)
(Teresa Battaglia, book 1)
Ilaria Tuti
"Ilaria Tuti’s Flowers over the Inferno is a stunning debut; a deliciously dark and action-packed thriller that is also deeply moving, even profound. With a heroine unlike any other and a beautifully crafted sense of place, Tuti’s gorgeous prose paints a compelling portrait of a small Alpine town’s secrets and the woman tasked with uncovering them. I loved this book."
The Liar's Child (2019)
Carla Buckley
"This book is a deeply affecting, complicated family drama and a heartbreaking and ultimately satisfying story of secrets, mistakes, and good intentions gone wrong. Told in Buckley’s trademark evocative prose, The Liar’s Child spotlights her singular gift: the ability to tug on the threads of her characters’ lives, make them unravel, and then expertly stitch them back together again."
The Woman in the White Kimono (2019)
Ana Johns
"The Woman in the White Kimono is a powerful and heartbreaking literary novel; a lush and masterful exploration of the indomitability of the human spirit set against the backdrop of post-World War II Japan. Johns's exquisite and emotionally satisfying tale spans a cultural divide to marry a mother's courageous determination to protect her daughter at any cost with a daughter's quest for truth. I loved this book!"
Black Nowhere (2019)
(Lisa Tanchik, book 1)
Reece Hirsch
"Smart, intense, and frighteningly real—I loved this book! Readers who enjoy thrillers with a heavy dose of high-tech computer wizardry will devour Reece Hirsch’s gripping new novel. When two of the smartest people on the planet face off in a cat-and-mouse game that might be the end for them both, the outcome is anything but certain."
Little White Secrets (2020)
Carol Mason
"Taut and emotional, with an ending that literally left me gasping, Carol Mason’s Little White Secrets reminds us that secrets will always make their way to the surface no matter how deeply we think we’ve buried them. I loved this book."
Convince Me (2020)
Nina Sadowsky
"One of the cleverest psychological suspense novels I’ve read in years . . . tense, gripping, and fast-paced. . . lies piled upon lies and an entire cast of unreliable narrators that will have you wondering if anyone is telling the truth. . . I raced through this wickedly deceptive thriller in one sitting—highly recommended!"
Don't Look For Me (2020)
Wendy Walker
"Wendy Walker hits it out of the park once again in her newest psychological suspense DON'T LOOK FOR ME, a riveting and intimate story of unimaginable loss which raises the question: When you’ve already done the unthinkable, can there be any chance of redemption? Sharp, nuanced, utterly real and absolutely terrifying, this beautifully written and emotionally powerful novel is Walker at her best. I didn’t simply read this book?I devoured it!"
The Girl in the Mirror (2020)
Rose Carlyle
"Rose Carlyle’s debut psychological suspense The Girl in the Mirror left me gobsmacked. With its exotic setting, incredibly drawn characters, masterfully intricate plot, and an ending I absolutely did not see coming, Carlyle doesn’t just knock the ball out of the park—she sends it flying into the next universe. The Girl in the Mirror is a triumph, one of the best books I’ve read all year."
Little Threats (2020)
Emily Schultz
"Emily Schultz's Little Threats is a complex, powerful, emotionally wrenching thriller with a deceptively simple premise: what if you agreed to serve 15 years in prison for a murder you have no memory of committing? Intense, twisty, and compelling--once you begin reading, you won't be able to stop!"
Let Her Lie (2021)
Bryan Reardon
"Bryan Reardon is at the top of his game...Complex and conflicted characters along with a taut and twisty plot had me racing through the pages...Wonderfully written and unfailingly compelling, I loved this book!"
Oslo, Maine (2021)
Marcia Butler
"seductive, imaginative, and utterly unique story; an astute and compassionate foray into the intersecting lives of characters who are both ordinary and exceptional, saintly and deeply flawed."
The Girls in the Stilt House (2021)
Kelly Mustian
"Kelly Mustian's THE GIRLS IN THE STILT HOUSE is a triumph, a heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting debut that's as rich and lush as the Natchez Trace where the story takes place. Mustian's lyrical prose combined with her deep insight into the resiliency of the human spirit make this novel shine. You know a book is good when you wish you'd written it!"
Black Label (2021)
James L'Etoile
"James L'Etoile's BLACK LABEL is a delightfully complex and twisty thriller with a ripped-from-the-headlines plot that will make you think long and hard before you swallow your next dose of medication. Add in an intrepid heroine willing to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth no matter the cost, and L'Etoile's newest offering is a winner!"
The Tally Stick (2022)
Carl Nixon
"From its first sentences, The Tally Stick by Carl Nixon swept me up and carried me away to a world I never knew and a place I've never been: New Zealand's West Coast, a rough and rugged place where after just five days in the country the Chamberlain family completely disappears. But more than the impeccably described landscape, it's the complicated moral choices the characters must confront that makes this novel so much more than a gripping story of loss and survival. Richly drawn, intensely atmospheric, and absolutely stunning, I loved this book!"
Beneath the Stairs (2022)
Jennifer Fawcett
"Jennifer Fawcett's Beneath the Stairs had me from the very first page. Tense, surprising, and utterly gripping, I loved this book!"

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