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Michael Scott

Ireland (b.1959)

aka Anna Dillon, Mike Scott

An authority on mythology and folklore, Michael Scott is one of Ireland's most successful authors. Writing in genres of fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and folklore, he was hailed by the Irish Times as "The King of Fantasy in These Isles." He lives and writes in Dublin, Ireland.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
Song of the Children of Lir (1983)
Celtic Odyssey: The Voyage of Maildun (1985)
The Children of Lir (1986)
The Last of the Fianna (1987)
Navigator (1988) (with Gloria Gaghan)
The Quest of the Sons (1988)
     aka The Seven Treasures
Seasons (1988) (as by Anna Dillon)
Another Time, Another Season (1989) (as by Anna Dillon)
     aka Another Season
Banshee (1989)
Season's End (1991) (as by Anna Dillon)
Image (1991) (as by Anna Dillon)
The River Gods (1991)
Lies (1992) (as by Anna Dillon)
Reflection (1992)
Gemini Game (1993)
Imp (1993)
The Hallows (1995)
19 Railway Street (1996) (with Morgan Llywelyn)
Vampyre (1997)
The Affair (2004) (as by Anna Dillon)
Consequences (2005) (as by Anna Dillon)
Closure (2006) (as by Anna Dillon)
The Thirteen Hallows (2011) (with Colette Freedman)
Mirror Image (2016) (with Melanie Ruth Rose)
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