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Mat Johnson (born in Philadelphia) is an American writer of literary fiction. Born and raised in the Germantown and Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Johnson writes primarily about the lives of African-Americans, using fiction, nonfiction and graphic novels as mediums.

Genres: Horror
   Drop (2000)
   Hunting in Harlem (2003)
   Pym (2011)
   Loving Day (2015)
Graphic Novels
Series contributed to
Non fiction
Mat Johnson recommends
Red Now and Laters (2014)
Marcus J Guillory
"Rolling, captivating, filled with sweet joy."
The Talented Ribkins (2017)
Ladee Hubbard
"With The Talented Ribkins, Ladee Hubbard proves herself to be a rare talent who pops onto the scene fully formed as a writer of power and purpose. This is a heart-wrenching quest into the absurdity that is family. Like the best literary fantasies, The Talented Ribkins succeeds because the heart that beats at its center couldn’t be realer."
Knucklehead (2018)
Adam Smyer
"Adam Smyer's exploration of rage is uplifting, brave, and absolutely brilliant. There's so much energy in this debut you could put it in your tank and drive on it."
The Ensemble (2018)
Aja Gabel
"The Ensemble deserves a standing ovation. A gripping tale of four musician's journeys through discord and harmony, life and love. Aja Gabel is a brilliant young writer with the rare gift of an old soul."
They Come in All Colors (2018)
Malcolm Hansen
"This is a voice so honest and alive it feels like a stranger whispering a confession in a dark room. Malcolm Hansen's novel is a prodigious debut of a rare literary talent."
An Ocean of Minutes (2018)
Thea Lim
"An Ocean of Minutes is a time machine into the future of this moment. Gripping and graceful, it's dystopian love story as told by a visionary. Thea Lim's novel reads like the birth of a legend."

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