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John Farrow

(John Trevor Ferguson)

A pseudonym used by Trevor Ferguson

John Farrow is the pen name of Trevor Ferguson, a Canadian writer who has written nine novels and four plays and has been named Canada's best novelist in both Books in Canada and the Toronto Star.

Under the name John Farrow, he has written three crime novels featuring Émile Cinq-Mars; both are highly acclaimed and popular around the world. He was raised in Montreal and lives in Hudson, Quebec.

Genres: Mystery
Emile Cinq-Mars
   1. City of Ice (1999)
   2. Ice Lake (2001)
   3. River City (2011)
   4. The Storm Murders (2015)
   5. Seven Days Dead (2016)
   6. Perish the Day (2017)
   7. Ball Park (2019)
   8. Roar Back (2020)