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Michelle Sagara

Japan (b.1963)

A pseudonym used by Michelle West

Michelle Sagara writes as Michelle Sagara, Michelle West, and has been published as Michelle Sagara West. She lives in Toronto with her family and Way Too Many Books. She does read ebooks, but started reading when ebooks didn't exist, and can't quite bear to part with the physical books, which she has been known to weep over, throw, or clutch tightly like a gleeful, maniacal fiend.

When she was six, she believed that every book in existence was written and drawn by hand, and she was very, very frustrated that her attempts to write a book never looked as perfect as the books she loved, no matter how much she practiced writing the letters.

Oddly enough, as a writer she has learned that it is impossible to write the perfect book, but she keeps trying.

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Anthologies containing stories by Michelle Sagara
Short stories
The Return of the King (1999)
Water Baby (1999)
Work in Progress (1999)
Faces Made of Clay (2000)
Deja Vu (2001)

John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (1992) : Into the Dark Lands
John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (1993) : Into the Dark Lands

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