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Sahara Kelly was born and raised in England and learned about chines as a youngster in Hampshire. Those experiences helped shape her interest in writing, along with a thorough indoctrination into the worlds of Dickens, Austen and Hardy, among others. Crossing the Atlantic and spending the next years in New England cemented Sahara's urge to write and her first book arrived a month before her first child.

From then on, allowing for a decade or so of wonderful parenting, the stories started arriving more regularly, and with the advent of digital publishing and its broad acceptance of a variety of topics... Sahara was hooked.

Since then? Over fifty books have appeared with her name on them, with more to come. She loves historicals, particularly Regencies, and hopes to keep writing them as long as people keep reading them.

Genres: Historical Romance, , Paranormal Romance
Sahara Kelly's books for adults only

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   Lady Jaided's Virile Vampires (2007) (with Dominique Adair, Dakota Cassidy, Dawn Madigan, Blair Valentine (Bonnie Vanak) and Samantha Winston)
   Twice Upon a Time (2011) (with Taige Crenshaw, Kayce Lassiter, Amanda McIntyre, Liddy Midnight, Janet Miller, Joy Nash, Eden Robins, Vijaya Schartz and Cricket Starr)
   Rakes, Rogues and Romance (2015)
   Feels So Right (2015) (with S L Carpenter)
   With a Little Help From My Friends (2015) (with Ciana Stone)
   Scandalous Stories Volume Two (2016)
   Open All Night (2017)
   Vampires Suck (2018)
   Ladies, Lust and Lipstick (2019)
   Don't Look Away (2019)