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Born and raised in the Potteries area, she went to school in Stone, Staffordshire. She always had some hankering to write. She remembers sending in a play to Children's Television when she was about eleven. A producer wrote back to say not this time but keep writing. She wrote letters to various magazines and even got some published but then it was the grind of school and getting an education. She always enjoyed writing essays which were rarely a problem. Drama took up a lot of time and interest. She wanted to be an actress but the usual, 'get a training for something first' advice came from the parents. Once she'd followed that route, she only ever participated in amateur dramatics. She moved to Cornwall in 1992 and re-married. Between lecturing at Cornwall College and exploring the beautiful county, she began to write in earnest. She was lucky to get some short stories published and finally had acceptances for novels from Scarlet. Sadly, the imprint did not last. My Weekly Story Collection took lots of her stories and these are all available in large print. She also used her experiences in education to produce some material for use with older students with limited reading abilities and people who work with them.

Genres: Romance
   Do It Tomorrow (1994)
   Remember to Forget (2002)
   Taking Her Chances (2002)
   Encounter with a Stranger (2003)
   First Love, Last Love (2003)
   Please Stay Awhile (2003)
   A Love That Grows (2004)
   Conflict of Love (2005)
   Rough Clay (2005)
   Food for Love (2005)
   Opposites Attract (2005)
   Say It with Flowers (2006)
   Growing Dreams (2006)
   Hidden Places (2007)
   Too Close for Comfort (2007)
   Doctor, Doctor (2007)
   Home Is Where the Heart Is (2007)
   Cranhams' Curios (2008)
   Only a Day Away (2008)
   Love At First Sight (2009)
   Lessons in Love (2009)
   I'll Be There for You (2009)
   A Dream Come True (2009)
   Learning to Love Again (2010)
   Her Heart's Desire (2010)
   From This Day on (2010)
   For the Sake of Love (2011)
   Where the Heart is (2011)
   A Love Shared (2011)
   Out Of The Blue (2011)
   Tomorrow's Dreams (2011)
   Ties That Bind (2012)
   Dare to Love (2012)
   Where Love Belongs (2012)
   Double Deception (2012)
   The Surgeon's Mistake (2013)
   To Love Again (2013)
   Cornish Killing (2013)
   Destiny Calling (2013)
   Dangerous Secrets (2014)
   Getting A Life (2015)
   Onward and Upward (2015)
   Accounting For Love (2015)
   The Dairy (2015)
   The Phoenix Project (2015)
   To Know You're Alive (2016)
   Time for Change (2016)
   Broken Promises (2016)
   Soul Searching (2016)
   Dying to take the Tour (2017)
   The Plot Thickens (2019)
   Meeting Molly (2019)
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