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Sax Rohmer

(Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward)
UK flag (1883 - 1959)

aka Michael Furey

Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward, better known as Sax Rohmer, was a prolific English novelist. He is most remembered for his series of novels featuring the master criminal Dr. Fu Manchu. Born in Birmingham he had an entirely working class education and early career before beginning to write. His first published work was in 1903, the short story The Mysterious Mummy for Pearson's Weekly. He made his early living writing comedy sketches for music hall performers and short stories and serials for magazines.

Genres: Mystery
Fu Manchu
1. The Mystery of Dr Fu-Manchu (1913)
     aka The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu
2. The Devil Doctor (1916)
     aka The Return of Dr Fu-Manchu
3. The Si-Fan Mysteries (1917)
     aka The Hand of Fu-Manchu
4. The Daughter of Fu Manchu (1931)
5. The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932)
6. Fu Manchu's Bride (1933)
     aka The Bride of Fu Manchu
7. The Trail of Fu Manchu (1934)
8. President Fu Manchu (1936)
9. The Drums of Fu Manchu (1939)
10. The Island of Fu Manchu (1941)
11. The Shadow of Fu Manchu (1948)
12. Re-Enter Fu Manchu (1957)
     aka Re-Enter Dr Fu Manchu
13. Emperor Fu Manchu (1959)
14. The Wrath of Fu Manchu (1973)
The Book of Fu-Manchu (omnibus) (1929)
2. Sumuru (1951)
     aka Slaves of Sumuru
3. Virgin in Flames (1952)
     aka The Fire Goddess
4. Return of Sumura (1954)
     aka Sand and Satin
5. Sinister Madonna (1956)
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