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Katie Lane

Katie Lane's interest in romance was sparked in high school in the backseat of a '65 mustang-okay, so maybe it wasn't romance as much as raging teenage hormones. Still, coupled with a wild imagination, those make-out sessions inspired many a steamy storyline along with a strong belief that true love does prevail. Katie lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with the owner of that mustang and would love to hear from her readers.

Genres: Romance
Katie Lane recommends
Every Little Kiss (2015)
(Harvest Cove, book 2)
Kendra Leigh Castle
"Harvest Cove will wrap around your heart like a snuggly blanket on a chilly autumn day."
No Better Man (2015)
(Heart of the Rockies, book 1)
Sara Richardson
"An enjoyable read. Richardson's spunky, baseball-lovin' heroine is delightful!"
Stealing Mr. Right (2017)
(Penelope Blue, book 1)
Tamara Morgan
"Tamara Morgan has masterminded the perfect heist of the heart."

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