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(Maria Y Lima)
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Maria Lima is a writing geek with one foot in the real world and the other in the make-believe. Her role models include Tanya Huff, Joss Whedon, Christopher Golden and Charles de Lint amongst many others.

Her love of reading began with discovering Scholastic Books in the first grade, and her love of storytelling from her father's dinnertime tales of derring-do. In this was mixed a love of both fictional and non-fictional worlds, of history and splendor, dragons and them that slayed 'em.

It's no wonder that she grew up composing stories.

Maria's Blood Lines series, set in the Texas Hill Country, is published by Pocket Books. You'll also find her in various genre-based essay anthologies from Smart Pop Books among other collected works. She loves to mix mystery, fantasy and magic in everything she writes.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Mystery