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Mickey Zucker Reichert

(Miriam S Zucker Reichert)
USA flag (b.1962)

Mickey Zucker Reichert is the author of the Renshai novels and the Bifrost Guardians sequence. She wrote Spirit Fox is collaboration with debut novelist Jennifer Wingert. She lives on a farm in Iowa with her husband

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Mickey Zucker Reichert
Short stories
The Champion of Dragons (1992)
Shadow Storm (1994)
The Night of Howling (1995)
Who Killed Humpty Dumpty? (1995)
Freedom (1996)
The Bane of Trigeminy (1997)
Capricorn Blues (1997)
Personal Wishes (2001)
The Sea Dod's Servant (2001)