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Juliet E McKenna

UK flag (b.1965)

Juliet McKenna has been interested in fantasy stories since childhood, from Winnie the Pooh to The Iliad. An abiding fascination with other worlds and their peoples played its part in her subsequently reading Classics at St. Hilda's College, Oxford. After combining bookselling and motherhood for a couple of years, she now fits in her writing around her family and visa versa. She lives with her husband and children in West Oxfordshire, England.

Genres: Fantasy
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1999) : The Swordsman's Oath
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1999) : The Thief's Gamble
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (2019) : The Green Man's Heir
British Science Fiction Association Best Book nominee (2019) : The Green Man's Foe

Juliet E McKenna recommends
The Crow God's Girl (2012)
(Gordath Wood, book 3)
Patrice Sarath
"Highly recommended."
The Mirror Empire (2014)
(Worldbreaker Saga, book 1)
Kameron Hurley
"Taking epic fantasy down challenging and original paths. Thoughtful and thought-provoking with every twist and turn."
Our Child of the Stars (2018)
Stephen Cox
"Cox takes a straightforward SF idea and turns it into something wholly fresh and intensely gripping. A tightly personal story draws readers deep into a couple's struggle to protect an innocent caught up in (literally) world-shaking events. By looking back to the '60s space race, and what might have been, Cox invites us to muse on events and ideas that have shaped the societies we live in today, and asks us where we might want humanity to go."
The Amber Crown (2022)
Jacey Bedford
"Solid epic fantasy that understands the genre's core appeal at the same time as offering fresh twists and perspectives. Assured and effective worldbuilding, believably complex characters."

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