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Kat Richardson is a cross-genre writer, creating a combination of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Mystery/Crime no matter how hard she tries to write something else--although she has tried her hand at a bit of almost everything else, as well. Kat was born in California and survived growing up in a small college town under the LA smog shield long enough to earn a BA in Magazine Editing from Cal. State Long Beach. Kat currently lives on a sailboat in Seattle with her husband, two ferrets, and a very crotchety old cat.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Horror

   1. Greywalker (2006)
   2. Poltergeist (2007)
   3. Underground (2008)
   4. Vanished (2009)
   5. Labyrinth (2010)
   6. Downpour (2011)
   7. Seawitch (2012)
   8. Possession (2013)
   9. Revenant (2014)
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Anthologies edited
Kat Richardson recommends
Sins & Shadows (2009)
(Shadows Inquiries, book 1)
Lyn Benedict
"Dark and fascinating."
Red-headed Stepchild (2009)
(Sabina Kane, book 1)
Jaye Wells
"Brassy, sassy, and hip! Well's promising debut is a fast-paced trip through a dark and dangerous landscape featuring an unusual take on vapires, mages, faeries, and demons."
Tempest Rising (2009)
(Jane True, book 1)
Nicole Peeler
"Peeler packs a hell of a punch... bold, bawdy and bright, and breaks the usual paranormal boundaries with sensitivity and style to burn."
Of Blood and Honey (2011)
(Fey and the Fallen, book 1)
Stina Leicht
"I think it's remarkable! It was a compulsive read--I just had to finish it as fast as possible and will be waiting impatiently for the next."
Waking Nightmares (2011)
(Peter Octavian / Shadow Saga, book 5)
Christopher Golden
"Waking Nightmares is one deliciously terrifying, unputdownable book."
Dead Things (2013)
(Eric Carter, book 1)
Stephen Blackmoore
"Eric Carter's adventures are bleak, witty, and as twisty as a fire-blasted madrone, told in prose as sharp as a razor. Blackmoore is the rising star of pitch-black paranormal noir. A must-read series."
The Hellsblood Bride (2015)
(Mookie Pearl, book 2)
Chuck Wendig
"Truly the dark fantastic."
Time's Children (2018)
(Islevale Cycle, book 1)
D B Jackson
"D B Jackson's writing is amazing."
Grave Reservations (2021)
(Booking Agents, book 1)
Cherie Priest
"Grave Reservations is a smart mystery featuring funny, engaging characters to fall in love with, and a wild ride of an ending. Full of Priest's hallmark wit and whimsy, it's a joy to read!"

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