Pascale Lacelle

Pascale Lacelle is a French Canadian author from Ottawa, Ontario. A longtime devourer of books, she started writing her own at age thirteen and quickly became enthralled by the magic of words. After earning her bachelor’s degree in French literature, she realized the English language is where her literary heart lies (but don’t tell any of her French professors that).

 When not lost in stories, she’s most likely daydreaming about food and travel, playing with her dog Roscoe, or trying to curate the perfect playlist for every mood.

 You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @PascaleLacelle.


Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
New and upcoming books
November 2024

Stranger Skies
(Drowned Gods Duology, book 2)
Drowned Gods Duology
   1. Curious Tides (2023)
   2. Stranger Skies (2024)

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