Paul Langan

USA flag (b.1972)

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia .He spent his early childhood in the area of Philadelphia before moving to live in New Jersey with his mother . Before becoming an author Paul was an salesperson and an attendant at an horse ranch .In 1991 he enrolled into Camden College but he later transferred to La Salle University .After years of contributing to other author's books he decided to venture off and write own books .He also was an editor of the series Bluford and the co-author of five of the ten novels as follow The Bully, The Gun, Summer of Secrets, Brothers in Arms, and Blood Is Thicker. His stories reflect his personal experiences of his life , from the difficulties of growing up without a father and the many challenges students still face today . Overall his books are very inspirational about life in so many ways and almost everyone can relate to them in some form  .

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
Series contributed to
Bluford High
   5. The Bully (2002)
   6. The Gun (2002)
     aka Payback
   8. Blood Is Thicker (2004) (with D M Blackwell)
   9. Brothers in Arms (2004) (with Ben Alirez)
   10. Summer of Secrets (2004)
   11. The Fallen (2006)
   12. Shattered (2006)
   15. Schooled (2008)
   16. Breaking Point (2010) (with Karyn Langhorne Folan)
   19. Promises to Keep (2013)
   20. Survivor (2013)
   21. Girls Like Me (2015)
   22. The Chosen (2020) (with Karyn Langhorne Folan)
   Bluford Series Books 1 - 15 (omnibus) (2008) (with Peggy Kern)
Non fiction