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Adriana Mather is the 12th generation of Mathers in America, and as such her family has their fingers in many of its historical pies the Mayflower, the Salem Witch Trials, the Titanic, the Revolutionary War, and the wearing of curly white wigs. Also, Adriana co-owns a production company, Zombot Pictures, in LA that has made three feature films in three years. Her first acting scene in a film ever was with Danny Glover, and she was terrified she would mess it up. In addition, her favorite food is pizza and she has too many cats.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult Fiction
New and upcoming books
Killing November
   1. Killing November (2019)
   2. Hunting November (2020)
   Mom Com (2023)
   The Breakup Artists (2024)
Adriana Mather recommends
Twelve Steps to Normal (2018)
Farrah Penn
"Poignant and powerful, Penn's story is searing in its insight into the human heart and the effects of addiction. Bravo!"
Haven (2017)
(Haven , book 1)
Mary Lindsey
"This electrifying tale will take you on an unexpected journey into a secret world of witchcraft and shapeshifters. Romance, adventure, and magic! Lindsey leaves you breathless and wanting more."
The Memory Trees (2017)
Kali Wallace
"No one writes creepy, beautiful stories like Wallace does – she expertly weaves love, loss, compassion, and murder in a way that will both move you to tears and have you sleeping with the lights on. The Memory Trees will keep you guessing until the very end."

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Award nominations
2020 Anthony Award for Best Children/Young Adult Fiction (nominee) : Killing November

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