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Steve Berry

USA flag (1955 - )

Steve Berry is the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of The Lincoln Myth, The King's Deception, The Columbus Affair, The Jefferson Key, The Emperor's Tomb, The Paris Vendetta, The Charlemagne Pursuit, The Venetian Betrayal, The Alexandria Link, The Templar Legacy, The Third Secret, The Romanov Prophecy, and The Amber Room. His books have been translated into 40 languages with 18,000,000 copies in 51 countries. They consistently appear in the top echelon of The New York Times, USA Today, and Indie bestseller lists.
Steve Berry recommends
The Threat
The Threat (2006)
(Dan Lenson, book 9)
David Poyer
"The Threat delivers a masterful tale that leaves the reader dazzled."

Scavenger (2007)
(Frank Balenger, book 2)
David Morrell
"A taut web of terror from a master."

The Atlantis Prophecy (2008)
(Atlantis , book 2)
Thomas Greanias
"A devilishly clever maelstrom of history, secrets, and modern-day political intrigue."
Rules of Deception
Rules of Deception (2008)
(Jonathan Ransom, book 1)
Christopher Reich
"Once again, Chris Reich is firing on all cylinders. RULES OF DECEPTION is a supple, elegant thriller with a beguiling sophistication. Reich catches the reader on page one and utterly commands you to finish through a plot that carries triumphantly from one thrilling climax to another. He certainly knows how to manipulate the reader in exciting ways, and he's an expert (as his award winning THE PATRIOTS CLUB proved) in creating a riveting imagined world so real you wonder if it was actually imagined."
Zig Zag
Zig Zag (2008)
José Carlos Somoza
"Literate, savvy, tense, and thoughtful with plenty of atmosphere. It's a pleasure to read a Jose Carlos Somoza novel"
Triple Cross
Triple Cross (2009)
Mark Sullivan
"A riveting, heart-stopping adventure.!"

Worst Nightmares (2009)
Shane Briant
"All the danger, treachery, and suspense a reader could ask for is there, page after page. Shane Briant has the touch. A smashing debut."
Jericho's Fall
Jericho's Fall (2009)
Stephen L Carter
"Strong... Immediate... Masterful."
Stones of Fire
Stones of Fire (2009)
(Caedmon Aisquith, book 1)
C M Palov
"All of the things I crave in a story - intrigue, treachery, history, and a wealth of secrets. A super debut."

Damnable (2009)
(Jake Hatcher, book 1)
Hank Schwaeble
"Disturbing... remarkable."

Black Rain (2010)
(Danielle Laidlaw, book 1)
Graham Brown
"Sizzles with tension and twists."

The Insider (2010)
Reece Hirsch
"Gripping and gritty, The Insider sizzles with tension and twists that both entertain and magnetize."

Eurostorm (2010)
Payne Harrison
"Another captivating gem... don't miss this one."

Sacrifice (2010)
(Mortal Path, book 2)
Dakota Banks
"Dakota Banks is firing on all cylinders."

The Babylonian Codex (2010)
(October Guinness and Jax Alexander, book 3)
C S Graham
"Smart and exhilerating..."

The False Door (2011)
Brett King
"A fresh, exciting voice in the international suspense genre."

Sirocco (2011)
D L Wilson
"D. L. Wilson is a wry, appealing voice in the thriller world. This one is well worth a look."

The Genesis Key (2011)
James Barney
"Remarkable and unconventional... A great tale."

The Knowledge of Good & Evil (2011)
Glenn Kleier
"The Knowledge of Good & Evil is a tough, savory, formidable thriller."

The Lost Angel (2011)
Javier Sierra
"A solid, drum-tight winner of a book."

National Security (2011)
(Jericho Quinn, book 1)
Marc Cameron
"Fascinating characters with action off-the-charts. Masterful. . .an entertaining romp."

Deep Sky (2011)
(Breach, book 3)
Patrick Lee
"Lee has an intense brand of storytelling... [He's] the real deal."

The Last Justice (2012)
Anthony J Franze
"A stunning opening, an action-packed, intriguing middle, and a pulse-pounding ending. Who could ask for more from a thriller. Welcome Anthony Franze - a great new voice has entered the genre."

The Turin Shroud Secret (2012)
Sam Christer

The Truth of All Things (2012)
(Archie Lean, book 1)
Kieran Shields
"This story brims with rich detail, the line between right and wrong smudged beyond recognition. What a unique and claustrophobic world --- Maine at the turn of the 20th century --- but the ties to an unspeakable past are haunting and unmistakable. It's a delight from start to finish. A terrific story, told terrifically."

Darkroom (2012)
Joshua Graham
"...complete with a great mystery, unearthed secrets, and beguiling adventure... Read this one - and take a walk on the perilous side."

Dead Asleep (2012)
(Emma Caldridge, book 4)
Jamie Freveletti
"One of the top thriller writers working today."

Good Junk (2012)
(Cliff St. James, book 2)
Ed Kovacs
"Kovacs is a vivid addition to the thriller genre."

Shadow Catcher (2013)
(Nick Baron, book 1)
James R Hannibal
"Hannibal has a flair for the gutsy, the lost, and the fanatical. It's a wild, wickid ride."

Grey Lady (2013)
(Aristotle Socarides)
Paul Kemprecos
"What a character. Aristotle Socarides is a diver, a fisherman, and a PI who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. He’s the brainchild of a genius—Paul Kemprecos—who knows a thing or two about writing action and adventure. I bow to the master..."

Snapshot (2014)
Lis Wiehl
"A pitch perfect plot that tackles some tough issues with a lot of heart. Snapshot brings our world into pristine focus."

The Blood of Alexander (2014)
Tom Wilde
"A rip-roaring, across-the-globe adventure."

Checkmate (2014)
(Patrick Bowers Files, book 8)
Steven James
"With a multidimensional quality, Steven James writes with a confident, assured ease."

The Game Master (2015)
William Bernhardt
"William Bernhardt is a born stylist, and his writing through the years has aged like a fine wine."

The Thin Black Line (2015)
(Mike Walton Thriller, book 1)
Simon Gervais
"Realistic, vivid, dramatic, this story told by someone who knows what he's talking about."

Devil's Harbor (2015)
Alex Gilly
"One of those labyrinths of mystery that readers crave."

Collector of Secrets (2015)
(Max Travers, book 1)
Richard Goodfellow
"A web of history, treason, and danger ... COLLECTOR OF SECRETS. is definitely worth the price of admission."

Morvicti Blood (2016)
(Morvicti, book 1)
Lee Swift
"Thrilling and chilling, full of poignant and naked emotion. A wild escapade."

Pacific Burn (2016)
(Jim Brodie, book 3)
Barry Lancet
"Jim Brodie is a true 21st century hero...on page after page, Barry Lancet delivers."

Panacea (2016)
(ICE Sequence, book 1)
F Paul Wilson
"Sophisticated and razor sharp."

Shipwreck (2016)
(Jack Ferrell, book 6)
William Nikkel
"The tension ratchets up degree by degree in this smart and cleverly told adventure, Nikkel is a gifted storyteller."

Collecting Shadows (2017)
Vicky Knerly and Gary Williams
"Seductive, sophisticated and authentic."

Land of Wolves (2017)
(Lincoln's Bodyguard, book 2)
TJ Turner
"A wonderfully imagined world of 'what might have been, if only if'. The chemistry between the characters sparkles, the treachery comes from all directions, and the story moves with a wry, appealing voice. It's one delicious tale. "

The Boy Who Saw (2017)
(Solomon Creed, book 2)
Simon Toyne
"Toyne is a first class talent."

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