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D C Macey

D. C. Macey is an author and lecturer based in the United Kingdom.

A first career in the Merchant Navy saw Macey’s early working life devoted to travelling the globe. In the process, it gave an introduction to the mad mix of beauty, kindness, cruelty and inequality that is the human experience everywhere. Between every frantic costal encounter was a trip across the ocean, which brought the contrast of tranquil moments and offered time for reading, writing and reflection. Those roving days came to a close, however, with Macey serving as a ship’s officer in the North Sea oil industry.

Several years working in business made it apparent that Macey’s greatest commercial skill was the ability to convert tenners into fivers, effortlessly and unerringly – a skill that ensured Macey had the unwelcome experience of encountering those darker aspects of life that lie beneath the veneer of our developed world and brought fleeting glimpses into the shadows where bad things lurk.

Eventually, life’s turbulence, domestic tragedy and impending poverty demanded a change of course. As a result, the past decade and more has been spent in lecturing and producing predominantly corporate media resources, so allowing Macey the opportunity to return to the written word.

Throughout it all Macey is certain that a happy home and laughter have proven time and again to be the best protection against life’s trials.

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