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Eliza Maxwell lives in Texas with a patient man, two impatient children and a bird named Sarah. There's also a bird dog who lives a tortured existence. An escapee of east Texas, she was nevertheless shaped and molded among the pines and ditches and humidity. And that is where her pen travels back to, when given its lead.

Genres: Mystery
Eliza Maxwell recommends
Daughters of the Lake (2018)
Wendy Webb
"Wendy Webb’s deftly woven tale hits all the right notes. A lost legacy of lake spirits, restless ghostly figures, and a past shrouded in fog and regret blend in delicious harmony in Daughters of the Lake. The queen of northern gothic does it again with this quintessential ghost story [that’s] every bit as compelling and evocative as her fans have come to expect."
Rapid Falls (2018)
Amber Cowie
"In Rapid Falls, everyone is the good guy in their own story. Like a spider spinning a web, Ms. Cowie skillfully takes this notion and elevates it to a fantastically dark and dizzying place. Say goodbye to any preconceived ideas about sisterhood, the power of grudges, or happily ever after, because this book will sweep them away and leave you gasping for more."

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